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MINIs are all about having fun. Playful, colourful and unique, these cars have strong links to British motor heritage and aren’t only pretty to look at, they’re fun to drive as well. MINI has built a reputation as one of the UK’s most unique car brands, and pride itself on standing out. Because nobody wants to fade into the background.

While the MINI range isn’t extensive, it allows them to hyper-focus on their vehicles to ensure their customers get the best driving experience; which is evident in vehicles like the Clubman and stylish 3-door hatch.

We provide new and used MINIs, so you can get the latest cars and save a little cash on your lease deal. We also offer personal and business lease deals. View our best MINI lease deals and get a car from the most unique car manufacturers with a long-standing British heritage.

Types of MINI leasing
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The Zero Commitment

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Types of MINI Leasing

Personal leasing

Our most popular form of leasing is for people who want a MINI car to improve their lifestyle – whether it’s looking for something fr your daily commute or you need something for your weekends away. All you have to do is pick a car and tell us how long you want to lease it. Make arrangements for the end of your lease and stick to your monthly payments. It’s that easy!

Business leasin

There’s nothing like a MINI to show your clients you’re stylish and on-trend, which is why we offer MINI cars on a business lease. All MINI cars provide a sensible, executive look, so you can pick any of their vehicles and make a lasting impression.

No deposit leasing

Leasing a MINl doesn’t have to come with loads of upfront payments, as we allow you to avoid paying a deposit altogether. Use your money where you need it, and prevent any fees for 30 days. Relax and save for your first payment without having to worry about an initial cost.

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Bad credit leasing

MINI isn’t only available to people with good credit; we offer bad credit deals for people who’ve suffered financial hardship. That can include anything from defaults, bad credit, IVAs and CCJs. And while we can’t guarantee acceptance, we work with specialist lenders that do their best to get you behind the wheel.

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In Stock MINI
Drive Away The Same Day!

If you spot something you love on our website, don’t delay and drive away on the same day. Our in stock vehicles are available right away, here’s how to get one:

Browse our range of vehicles online and find the one you love
Fill in the online enquiry form or ring us to speak to someone right away
Go through your application and provide the necessary paperwork
Once we confirm your lease, you can pick up your car from our showroom

If you’d prefer us to deliver your car, we can arrange to send it to any location in the UK for a small extra cost.

MINI leasing FAQs

The cheapest MINI is the standard hatch, and we have lease deals under £200 a month.

MINI are well-made vehicles, but they can suffer problems just like any other car. To offer you extra security, we offer bespoke maintenance packages on all our vehicles, and we inspect and test all used vehicles before you receive them. We also provide a six-month complimentary warranty on all our cars, and you may get a manufacturer’s warranty if it’s still valid.

MINI manufactures its cars in the UK.

MINI has an electric car called the MINI Electric.

MINI cars are worth it on a lease contract, you get to drive an exceptional vehicle without paying for the cost of ownership, so the finance amount is much lower than if you were trying to buy the car.

It all depends on what you want from the car; if you’re looking for something stylish, go for the Hatch; if you want something practical go for the Clubman.

MINI cars are well-known for having plenty of longevity in them. You’ll be getting the car in its best years, so you shouldn’t have to worry about longevity anyway.

As a mid-market vehicle, MINI parts aren’t the most expensive or the cheapest. However, you’ll get the car in its early years, where faults are much less common.

It depends on what you want from the car. Leasing doesn’t involve as much responsibility, and most people can usually lease a better car than if they were to buy. However, if you don’t mind having an older car and want to own a car, buying could be a better option.

MINIs are average when it comes to insurance prices, so they aren’t too expensive to insure.