The Furthest Away Days In Football

During the football season, there is a precedent for away matches for some teams to take place on Tuesday night. Sometimes those away days can be hundreds if not thousands of miles away from home base. This can result in some hard, long travelling for some fans, but what are some of the longest journeys made for an away match in football?

The Russian Cup Trip

In Russia last year, the fans of Spartak Moscow had to travel a possible seven-days one-way trip to watch the away match against SKA-Khabarovsk. This resulted from a 6147km (3820 miles) distance from Moscow to the Siberian city of Khabarovsk as the crow flies, but car journeys are never that simple. By car, this increases to a distance of 8,381km (5208 miles). Thankfully you don’t have that distance to travel in the UK on a Tuesday night.

That still isn’t the longest away match to take place in Russia. In 2014, there was a 10,000 km distance one way between away matches between Baltika Kaliningrad and FC Sakhalin. This is the reality of living in the country with the largest land mass in the world.

Over in France

10,000km does sound horrible to travel. However, in France, Tefanna AS from Tahiti travelled close to 16,000km to reach the Paris suburb Noisy-le-Sec for the French Cup match. This is because Tahiti is part of the French Polynesia, therefore a French overseas country and are entered in the Coupe de France.

Luckily this trip was easier than the Russian trip because they could fly instead of drive.

Still, one of the farthest teams to travel was AS Magenta from the island of New Caledonia who had to make the journey to FC Trelissac. That journey was 17,142km one way. Again, this included flight rather than driving, but that is still a colossal amount to travel for an away match.

Closer to home

In the UK, you are unlikely to ever have to travel that far for an away game. However, here are a few of the longest distances fans have had to travel to support their team away.

Plymouth Argyle vs Newcastle United is 335 miles apart as the crow flies. It would take 4 hours and 45 minutes for that distance to be travelled by the bird. But for fans driving on the road, it will take them between seven to seven and a half hours if the traffic is good to you. This is not just the longest possible away day currently recorded, but it is also the most north/south distance as well.

In terms of the Westernmost to Easternmost distance between Plymouth Argyle vs Norwich City is 280 miles as the crow flies. It takes 6 hours to drive between them by car. These are full day trips for both matches, meaning it is difficult to drive to these away matches on Tuesday night.

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