These Are The Safest Cars For Sale In 2017

These Are The Safest Cars For Sale In 2017

Posted: 29th June 2017

 Back in the mid-nineties, Euro NCAP was launched. It is a five-star rating system that determines how safe a car is. It is used by consumers, families and businesses to compare vehicles to determine the safest vehicle for their needs. The more stars the better is the aim for all manufacturers, especially in terms of insurance costs. The safer the car, the lower the insurance premium.

How the cars are selected for the test

You may wonder how Euro NCAP test the cars because they clearly cannot test every car of every make and model ever sold. Instead, they choose the most popular and interesting models and test those. This is because most people will buy those makes and models. The cars chosen each year are usually new cars that are either about to be launched or are already on sale.

These are the top five safest cars recently reviewed by Euro NCAP that received five-star ratings.

The Volvo V90 & S90 variants

Volvo’s have long been rated the safest manufacturer by the Euro NCAP and with this saloon, they succeeded again. The V90 tested was the Volvo S90 D4 Momentum, but the rating applies across all V90 and S90 models.

If this car is involved in an accident, the adult occupants will be the safest with a 95% rating, whilst children have an 80% score. The difference in scores between adult and child is likely due to the fact that children in their car seats do not require airbags and the Isofix slots are optional for the front passenger seat.

The Safety Assist rating for the V90 received a score of 93%, ensuring you are confident your car will protect you in the result of an accident. As with most accidents involving pedestrians, the pedestrian will come off worse, however, the Volvo V90 tries to limit that as much as possible with a score of 79%.

Volvo V90 and S90 cars are all available to lease today. 

The Toyota C-HR

 Toyota C-HR in silver

For the Toyota C-HR, Euro NCAP tested the C-HR Hybrid five-door SUV. This one also scored a five-star rating with an Adult occupant score of 95% ensuring they will likely be safe in the result of an accident. For the Toyota, the child safety score is 77%, lower than the V90 score.

Pedestrians again will come off worse, but with a score of 76%, they will be safer than most cars in the result of an accident. The Toyota also has a safety assist score of 78%, meaning you will be fairly safe in terms of the car’s technology keeping you safe.

The Land Rover Discovery

 Land Rover Discovery in the desert

Land Rover is the prime example of how to build an amazing 4X4 SUV, which works both on the road and can take the adventure off-road. This requires a car to be safe, which is always a Land Rover priority. This is why the Euro NCAP awarded the Discovery a five-star rating.

As with all the other cars mentioned, the Adult occupant safety rating is the top score with a 90% rating. This ensures the adult will be safe if anything goes wrong. The Child occupant safety rating hit a high 80%, ensuring they will likely be safe in the result of an accident.

Considering the size and ability of the Land Rover Discovery, a score of 73% for Safety Assist is respectable as is the pedestrian safety score of 75%.

 The Land Rover Discovery is available for car leasing with us today. Check it out today. 

The Skoda Kodiaq

Red Skoda Kodiaq 

This is Skoda’s new SUV to replace their Yeti. It is targeting the affordable SUV market and intends to take it by storm. For SUV’s, safety is essential because they are more often used by families than any other group thanks to their size and practicality. This is why Skoda focused hard on getting a great score from Euro NCAP and the succeeded, being awarded a five-star rating.

Euro NCAP tested the Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI Ambition for this car and it received a 92% Adult Occupant Rating. Child Occupant safety score hit a respectable 77%, ensuring you will feel safe and secure when driving.

The Pedestrian safety score is again lower than the occupant score as expected with 71% rating. Skoda is aiming for affordability, which has resulted in less safety assist equipment as some of the more expensive cars on this list, which is why it received a score of 54% for Safety Assist.

The Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman on a dirt track

Euro NCAP tested the Mini Countryman Cooper D, which covers all other Countryman and it received a five-star rating like all the others on the list. All these cars received the same tests and are the safest cars launched in 2017 so far.

The Countryman received an Adult Occupant Rating of 90%. Its Child Occupant rating hits 80%, again providing needed confidence that the Countryman will protect your child in the result of an accident.

The Countryman does have the lowest rating for pedestrian safety out of the tested cars on this list with 64% rating, but it still maintains a five-star rating overall. Similarly to the Skoda Kodiaq, Mini aim of producing affordable cars that whilst are still passing the safety test with five-stars, whilst not necessarily having all the safety technology available in the more expensive cars. This is why it only has a Safety Assist rating of 51%.

These cars are all deemed five-star rated cars by Euro NCAP, which means they are well worth considering if they suit your needs. They will keep you safe if there is an accident, which is always a priority for most of us. You can get these cars through car leasing, which is also the most affordable way of driving away with a car.

If you are interested in any of these cars, enquire with us and we will find you the best deal to suit your needs.