The Sure Fire Way To Annoy Everyone Else With Your Car Horn

The Sure Fire Way To Annoy Everyone Else With Your Car Horn

Posted: 5th July 2017

You are likely not one of those people who is extremely liberal when it comes to honking their horn. They honk it at everything and it annoys everyone else. It is both a distraction and can be stressful and upsetting to be constantly honked at.

There are legitimate times when you can beep your horn. These are for safety when it appears someone is performing a manoeuvre like switching lanes without observing you and therefore putting you both in danger. There are times when you are sat at traffic lights and the person in front is either unaware or distracted to not realise a change from red to green. These are legitimate uses of the car horn.

You must only use your car horn once in those situations. Continued use is deemed an aggressive use of the horn, which is not only unnecessary but also against the highway code. If you genuinely need to use your car horn, only beep it once.

Times when you shouldn’t use your car horn

There are many different occasions when drivers use their car horns incorrectly. If you do any of the following, please stop. You are annoying and causing upset to those around you even if you do not intend to.

Beeping at cyclists

It is easy for every driver to admit that they have been frustrated with cyclists at one point or another. There are times when you are driving behind them, but cannot safely pass because of the cars on the other side of the road. This means you must drive much slower than you likely would want to.

However, honking your horn at them in frustration makes you look bad, not them. The truth of the road is that cyclists have just as much right to be there as you do. Stop honking your horn at cyclists. Either be patient or find another way to your destination that doesn’t result in you being behind a cyclist.

Honking too early at traffic lights

Above is mentioned that you can beep your horn at drivers in front if they have failed to notice the light change at traffic lights. That means that the driver has been sat there for a while without moving. That is not the same as honking your horn at the driver in front 0.5 seconds after the green light has appeared. If you are guilty of this, learn some patience.

Beeping in the early morning or late at night

Imagine you are lying in bed, asleep enjoying a dream about you having a delicious meal with the love of your life and it is interrupted by the blaring of car horns, tearing you out of the dream with your heart pounding in surprise. You wouldn’t enjoy it, so why would you do it to others.

If you are saying goodbye to someone as you drive off, try waving for that is what waving was invented for.

Honking at pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian crossings are designed for pedestrians to safely cross the road. This is particularly important for children and the elderly. Cars are dangerous and sometimes it is difficult to cross a road safely.

If you are sat at a Zebra crossing for example and waiting for parents with a small child or an elderly couple crossing, again learn patience. Do not sit there honking your horn or revving your engine. Unless it is a crossing, you will be sat there less than a minute if it has traffic lights and even less time if it is a simple Zebra crossing. The road isn’t just for you and you need to respect that.

Beeping at someone who catches your eye

This is a massive no. If you see someone you find attractive on the side of the road, which more than 50% of male drivers do, the best thing to do is keep silent. Do not under any circumstance beep, shout or comment as you drive passed them.

It isn’t cool or fun or funny. It is creepy, upsetting and scary in some cases for the person on the pavement. If you do like the look of someone, appreciate them in silence. They are just going about their day and they do not need it ruined by you honking your horn loudly at them. You may think it is a sign of appreciation for them. They will not.

The nicest sounding horn

Researchers from Soongil University in South Korea investigated the development of vehicle horns since their introduction in 1908. They wanted to see how modern-day horns could be changed to reduce the distress felt when they are heard. They gathered 100 volunteers who listened to a variety of modified car horns and the resounding choice for the nicest sounding horn was... a duck quack.

The duck quack sound is the least startling sound available and therefore less distracting for other drivers. Although, we can imagine the sound of multiple cars quacking rather comical. It doesn't mean you should be anymore of a honker than necessary.

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