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What Should You Wear When Driving?

Having specific outfits for specific occasions is common. We have outfits for weddings, for weekends, for work and so on. So why shouldn’t we have an outfit for driving? It would be very basic and nothing too flashy. Just a few chosen items that will complete the look.

The perfect time to get yourself a new outfit for the drive is when you get a new car. If you do fancy a new car, Zero Deposit Car Leasing has a brilliant selection of cars available for you to consider. Through us, you can choose a car either for a normal personal car lease, no deposit car leasing or bad credit car leasing. New car, new outfit, fresh outlook on driving.

The items that make a great drive

Here are a few of the items that will make your drive even better. You will look suave and stylish whether it is a short journey to pick kids up from school or a long grand tour across the continent. Time to add these great additions to your wardrobe.

Leather driving gloves for when winter comes

The need for leather driving gloves does depend on the type of car you own. Having a great pair of driving gloves is perfect for the driver with a small two-seater sports car like the Mazda MX-5 and Fiat 123 Spider or a business saloon like the BMW 3-Series.

They are especially helpful when winter arrives and you don’t have a heated steering wheel. You don’t want to encase your hands in paw-like Gore-tex gloves, but rather slip them inside thin, insulated leather gloves.

You can wear leather driving gloves in any car, but they will look right at home in a two-seater convertible, cruising along in the dim light of autumn.

Sunglasses are the essential

Some folks say that if you are wearing sunglasses when driving, you don’t know how to use the sun visor provided. We believe that is nonsense. For one, the low sun is a serious issue in summer and it often dips below the sun visor, straight into the face of the driver. There are other times when the sun enters the cabin at different angles, again dazzling the driver. Apart from wearing them for purely style reasons, sunglasses are a safety feature all drivers should have in the glove box ready to be called upon.

Driver wearing sunglasses

When it comes to choosing the right sunglasses, there are a few features to consider. You will want large lenses for maximum coverage of your eyes to ensure no light gets passed. You can choose polarised lenses but we leave that decision entirely up to you.

In newer cars, the infotainment screens and heads-up displays become harder to read with polarised lenses, but if they work for you that is great.

For the best peripheral vision, it would be best to choose thin frames and temples rather than thicker frames that are in style. These are available at any service station, supermarket and clothes shop and are reasonably priced. However, it might be a better suggestion to invest in a proper quality set of sunglasses that will last you years.

What to wear on your feet

Considering you use your feet to change gear, accelerate and brake, it would be a good idea to be wearing the best footwear for such an activity. There are two sorts of footwear you can wear to get the best drive possible on the road.

Driving Moccasins

Moccasins are the classic driving shoe. Originally they were manufactured for drivers who wanted extra grip when driving the likes of Italian roadsters like Ferrari. However, over the past seventy years, they have been adopted by those who have likely never owned a Ferrari. Times have changed and they can be incredibly comfortable when it comes to driving, so they are worth considering.

Driving Moccasins

They are slim, comfortable, grippy and they come in a variety of materials and colours for you to choose from.

Casual driving shoes

Whilst Moccasins are very specific in design, there are plenty of driving shoes that differ from each other. Many of us would imagine leather boots and dress shoes will look great when we arrive at our destination, but they aren’t the best for driving in. When driving, you need good grip, thin soles and plenty of flex, which you don’t get with thicker soled leather boots.

Casual driving trainers

Stylish sneakers and trainers are the best choices and there is a great selection out there for you to choose from.

With your new outfit, why not get a new car

Now that you have treated yourself to some luxury items for your drive, why not also treat yourself to a new car. Zero Deposit Car Leasing has a great range of cars available for your consideration.