7 best affordable cars to lease

Leasing has become an increasingly popular way for drivers to get the car they want for an affordable monthly payment. 

However, there’s more to affordability than the monthly cost. So, to help, we’ve compiled a list of seven affordable cars to lease to help make sure you’re getting the right one for your budget. 

Seat Ateca

Seat Ateca

The Seat Ateca is not only a good looking, enjoyable SUV to drive, it’s well equipped and low on running costs. 

Since its launch in 2016, the Ateca has gone on to become one of the Iberian manufacturer’s best-selling models. It stands out for good reason, mixing sensibility, space and functionality with fun. 

The driving dynamics give it the edge over a lot of competitors. Plenty of grip, impressively quiet and surprising agility; the Ateca is an exceptional car to drive.  

It’s also very comfortable; which is helped by the electric adjustable lumbar support, and everything feels well made and within reach for longer journeys. 

The Ateca was also awarded five stars by Euro NCAP for safety, scoring well in all categories. 

There’s a good range of engine options available, too, starting with the punchy entry-level 108bhp 1.0-litre petrol. 

But if you’re looking for the most efficient, the 1.6-litre diesel gives you a return of 50.2mpg. Add onto this insurance groups as low as 9E, when it comes to running costs, the Seat Ateca is a real winner.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

With the Volkswagen Polo, you get a lot of car for your money. Even the entry-level models are comfortable, classy and feature an interior filled with slick tech. 

The Polo is a compelling option. Volkswagen’s superior build quality makes it a premium supermini. It’s surprisingly spacious with ample legroom both in the front and rear, and with large windows all around, it also feels light and airy. 

Inside, you get an impressive amount of tech. All Polos come with an eight-inch touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard and, as you move up the trim levels, more follows, with Park Distance Control systems, 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit Pro and background lighting.

The Polo also boasts a comprehensive safety suite, featuring its own autonomous braking system (AEB) with inbuilt pedestrian detection and driver attention alert.

If you’re really looking for cost-effective, affordable motoring, you could opt for the lower-powered 1.0-litre engine, which sits in insurance group 1 on some models and returns a very decent 51mpg.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta hasn’t been one of the UK’s best-selling cars for years for no reason. 

This award-winning small car is pretty brilliant in every aspect, with a good amount of tech several styling features. There’s really a Fiesta to appeal to everyone.

Wholly entertaining to drive, it’s comfortable for longer journeys with impeccable handling for nipping around town or zipping through the countryside.

When it comes to low running costs, the Fiesta also ticks the boxes which is one major reason its such an affordable car. 

Choose the outstanding 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine and it’ll return 52.3 to 55.4mpg. Or there’s the mild-hybrid assistance powertrain, which boosts this to over 56mpg. 

It’s also incredibly cheap to insure, starting in group 2.

Mini Countryman 

Mini Countryman

The Countryman combines Mini’s iconic retro look with family-friendly space and great driving capability. 

Having built their reputation on producing fun cars to drive, Mini doesn’t disappoint with the Countryman. 

It’s a sharp car with quick steering and – depending on the model you choose – various different driving modes to suit every mood.

Inside, there’s no question it’s a Mini either. The iconic spherical LED light takes pride of place in the heart of the enormous dashboard, with Mini’s excellent touchscreen infotainment system nestled at the centre. 

Day-to-day, all Countryman models are pretty easy on the purse strings, and even though the mpg figures vary across the range, the economy is generally over the 50mpg mark. 

Officially, the 1.6 Cooper D ALL4 will return the best at 57.6mpg on a combined cycle.

Insurance costs aren’t too shocking either, starting in insurance group 8 and ranging up to 14. 

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

Since its launch in 1996, the Octavia has become progressively more up-market with every passing generation. 

However, while the styling and tech may have been upgraded, the brand has kept the practicality that’s led to it being a favourite with those looking for a family car that won’t break the bank.

Today’s Octavia has a defining sharp look, plush interior and is generously equipped with tech. 

It’s generous when it comes to space too, comfortably seating a family and with plenty of storage solutions around the cabin.

The Octavia is large, but that doesn’t impact driving performance. With a softly sprung suspension and sharp handling, it feels comfortable behind the wheel in every setting, from motorways to country lanes. 

Its size isn’t going to make too big a dent in your finances either, thanks to its excellent range of frugal engines. 

Starting with the entry-level diesel at 113bhp, it’ll return over 65mpg. The petrol engines – a 109bhp 1.0-litre and a 148bhp 1.5 litre – can also return over 50mpg. 

Insurance groups range from a very respectable 11 to 25.

Mercedes C-Class Estate

Mercedes C-Class Estate

A premium estate car probably isn’t the first one you’d think of when it comes to affordability, but when it comes to running costs, the C-Class deserves a mention.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to the C-Class, making it a versatile option for almost anyone. 

Its smart exterior, unique cabin with Mercedes’ latest driving technology and ample space brings together a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

And whereas some premium cars may depend on mere badge equity alone, the C-Class has arguably the most sophisticated interior media set up and classiest cabin in the range. 

Ambient lighting gives way to digital displays, with a sharp 12.3-inch driver’s display coupled with an all-encompassing 11.9-inch voice-activated infotainment touchscreen.

Running-cost-wise, the C-Class entry-level diesel can officially manage over 50mpg, but the faster C300d is just shy at 49mpg – impressive for a car such as this nonetheless. 

For the frugal, there’s also the C300de plug-in hybrid option, officially stated to manage between 176-235mpg, although that’ll depend on how much you rely on the electric element. 

But starting at insurance group 13, this really is one of the most cost-effective premium vehicles money can buy…or lease.

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

If you’re looking to save on fuel costs, electric is an obvious way to go, and the Renault Zoe makes more sense than most. 

Not only does it look smart, but it’s also practical, surprisingly spacious and comes with a decent driving range.

This is still one of the cheapest electric cars on the market, even though the past three generations have seen the Zoe revamp its look and more than double its range. 

Polished and powerful, as you’d expect from an electric car, the Renault Zoe is a smooth, quiet drive with punchy acceleration. 

Thanks to its compact size, it’s an ideal choice for city driving, but – with an impressive range of 345 miles on the 52kWh battery model – it works for longer journeys just as well.

Renault has updated the cabin to rival those of more upmarket EVs with user-friendly touchscreen displays and useful driver aids. 

Space-wise, there’s plenty, with a 338-litre boot and great all-round legroom for a supermini. 

With low monthly leasing costs, the Renault Zoe is just 3.6p to charge per mile, making it a serious contender not only for an affordable EV but an affordable car.  

Other affordable lease deals

Of course, if none of those affordable cars are to your taste, there are a plethora of other affordable lease deals available with £0 deposit. 

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