Best Brand New Contract Hire Cars

Best Brand New Contract Hire Cars

Posted: 15th September 2015

About Leasing

Car leasing is essentially the long term hire of a car. There are a range of paths you can take which all end differently, for example you can either swap, upgrade or hand the car back when the term comes to an end. Leasing isn’t for everyone, but it can make the new car process a whole lot easier – depending on what your needs are.


- Fixed monthly cost
- Flexible repayment periods
- Servicing included
- New car, then change
- Low deposit/no deposit


- You never own the car
- Mileage
- Can cause confusion – different paths you can take

Do you think leasing is for you? If so, check out the range of cars available below with affordable monthly prices. Widen your horizons and drive the car of your dreams.

Peugeot 107

This city car is perfect for if what you want is something that looks good but isn’t too fancy. With its quirky yet popular design, the Peugeot 107 is designed to dash in and out of traffic with ease and take on any manoeuvres like a pro, especially in busy and built-up areas.
In terms of the drive and performance, the 107 doesn’t let you down as it puts in all its effort and energy into producing an enjoyable drive with its good little engine. It’s value for money is incredible.

From only £96.72 per month.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular hatchbacks on the road right now and rightfully so. Its slick and curved design gives it the good looks you desire with a 3-door or 5-door model available to choose from. The Corsa is great for families as it offers a generous amount of space in both the front and back, for the driver and passengers as head and leg space isn’t limited. The infotainment isn’t too bad as standard, as all models feature a CD player, remote central locking and electric mirrors. There are additional extras available.

From only £106.39 per month.

Toyota Aygo

If styling and design has a big impact on your decision, the Toyota Aygo is the one to wow you. With its looks being based on a Japanese cartoon – Astroboy, it’s definitely able to stand out from the crowd. As well as looking good, the drive it offers is even better. It’s capable, confident and can handle long distances well especially on motorways, which is rare for city cars.

From only £136.66 per month.

Renault Clio

With the Clio’s main competitor being the Vauxhall Corsa, Renault have upped their game with the new Clio, making it more desirable than ever before. Its stylish design is enough to draw you and the family in, as it looks great inside and out with a handy amount of space for 4 adults. If you want the best range of equipment, stick with the Dynamique trim. The strongest point of the Renault Clio is its driving ability as it’s enjoyable and is able to take on any terrain with little effort.

From only £145.94 per month.

Audi A3

Moving onto something a little more luxury, the Audi A3 offers that fashionable and prestigious look the majority of people truly desire. With an exceptional amount of sophisticated and stability, every drive you take will just as good as it was the first time. There are a range of both petrol and diesel engines to choose from, in which all are fuel-efficient, perfect for if you’re travelling long distances frequently. The interior really does aim to wow, as it is well-laid out, easy for the driver to navigate all of the infotainment. Additional extras are available, but the equipment it features as standard is better than its competitors.

From only £214.73 per month.

Liking the look of these prices? There are a range of personal contract purchase deals available, in which the car can become yours at the end of the leasing term – if you want.