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Best Selling Cars By Continent in 2015

In 2015, a range of cars took over the market with an insane amount of sales, but surprisingly they’re all completely different and it all depends on the continent/country they’re in.

As shown below, the most popular car within Britain is the Ford Fiesta and with it being a British company, there’s no surprise there. Expect to see at least 10 of these cars on the road, within an hour, when you’re in the UK. If you’re looking to jump onto the Fiesta hype, check out the poor credit car leasing deals available, making having your own Fiesta a lot easier.

The popularity of cars changes drastically when jumping from country to country. For example, Asia stick to the manufacturers who originated in their country, including Honda and Toyota, whereas Europe’s most popular car manufacturers originate in countries like the UK and Germany.

For more, take a look below at the infographic below by Zero Deposit Car Leasing and get a real idea of which car is popular where. With each car, their top speed (MPH), top BHP and the time it takes for them to reach 60mph is featured, in order to give you a little bit of extra information.

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