Cars and Their Best Colour

Vauxhall Corsa


The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular car within the Vauxhall range and for a range of reasons. This car is easily the go to car if reliable is what you need, especially compared to other hatchbacks. It offers a generous amount of space, an overall enjoyable ride along with a good range of equipment, even as standard. With the Corsa being such an attractive car, what makes it better is the colour you choose to have – red is definitely the best.

Volkswagen Golf


Not many cars look amazing in blue, but the Volkswagen Golf proves this wrong and actually looks stunning. As well as being an attractive car, the Golf features a range of high quality materials in order to give you the most comfortable ride it possibly can, along with being extremely reliable. The Volkswagen Golf is pretty much an all-rounder and can hardly be faulted for anything. If you want to show off your Golf a little more, blue is the perfect colour in order to help you out.

Ford Fiesta


The Ford Fiesta is known for its pretty good looks but when it’s in white, it takes it to a whole new level. Offering an easy and enjoyable drive, a range of different trims in order for the Fiesta to suit you and a generous range of technology, we know exactly why it’s the best-selling car in the UK.

SEAT Ibiza


Bright green is quite an unusual colour for a car, but strangely the SEAT Ibiza can pull it off pretty well. It’s a unique car anyway, but the green really helps it to stand out from the crowd and this is often difficult for a SEAT. All in all, it’s a good car if you’re not looking for anything too expensive as its cheap to run and offers that fresh new look – it’s the ideal everyday car. There are a range of cheap car leasing deals available for the SEAT Ibiza.

BMW 1 Series


The BMW 1 Series is easily the most popular car within the BMW range and what’s even better, it offers a convertible model too in which some of the other models don’t. To get the best out of the 1 Series, a black exterior really tops off the look. Its fierce design and classy interior won’t let you down and it actually makes a pretty good business car so you’re able to show off a little too.

Audi A3


This is actually one of the best Audi cars on the road and it’s a pretty impressive family car at that. The Saloon has been built with attraction in mind, along with being practical and a pretty good all-rounder as it offers a range of helpful systems in order to make your drive more enjoyable. If you’re looking to get yourself an Audi A3, treat yourself and get it in silver – you’ll be looking great.

There are a range of business car lease deals available if you’re looking for that executive look, with various different colours available in order to complete the look.