Cheapest Car Leasing Options

Personal car leasing has become hugely popular within the last few years, and is a great cheaper alternative to buying your car outright. We have a wide range of cars suitable for every budget, but if you want to look after your wallet, then have a look at our cheap car leasing options. These cars are not only cheap to lease, but also don’t cost much to run and are cheap to tax. This makes them excellent for new drivers or those with a lower budget.

Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is a fantastic example of a very cheap car lease. It’s also a wonderfully practical car that’s easy to drive, and performs well in a city environment. However, this nippy car may not be well suited to longer journeys, and does best with shorter trips. A very smart, modern looking car, it manages to have a surprising amount of room, with decent leg and head space. So there’s definitely enough room for the kids in the back, but you may be hard pushed to fit adults in there. The boot is also a little on the small side, but apart from that it’s a great car that’s very cheap to run.

Volkswagen Up

The Up is a great, funky city car, which is incredibly economical. Its agility and ease of driving are definitely some of the Up’s best qualities. The steering is accurate and precise, and the gear changing is slick. A very fun car to drive. However, it may struggle a little bit on the motorways. It has a surprisingly spacious interior too. You can expect to get around 59.6mpg, which is quite impressive. A brilliantly economical car, especially if you get yourself the BlueMotion Tech version.

Volkswagen Fox

The Fox is a great car that’s cheap to run and has a low tax cost. WhatCar? says ‘The Fox is a great city car, with light, accurate, steering and a smooth gear change’. This makes the Fox a fantastic city car, especially when it comes to parking in those tricky spots. One of the best features of the Fox is how spacious it is, which makes for a really comfortable drive. Although there is currently no diesel option for the Fox, it’s still very cheap to run. The 1.2 and 1.4 litre petrol engines will still manage to give you a very decent 46.3 and 42.2mpg.

Peugeot 107

The 107 is great fun to drive and has a very responsive engine. Cheap to run and cheap to insure, it’s a very cute and stylish car. Due to its nimble handling, the 107 performs great in the city, and is great for twisty roads. As for miles per gallon, the 1.0 urban 5dr will get you 61mpg, and the 1.0 active 5dr will get you 65mpg, so some pretty decent running costs. The only drawback is that the 3dr version is a little cramped for space in the rear seats and boot. This can be remedied however by getting the slightly larger 5dr for a touch more room.

Fiat Punto

Easily one of the best cars in its class, the Punto has a sleek interior and an impressive engine. The steering is nice and light, making it very easy to drive. Height adjustable driver’s seat and two way adjustment on the steering comes as standard, making the Punto a very comfortable car to drive. Autocar describes the car as being ‘Decently spacious for a supermini, nippy and, with the right engine, particularly characterful’. Overall a fantastic supermini with low running costs.