Halloween Pranks To Scare Them All

Halloween is approaching and whilst many of us will be either trick or treating with our kids or going to a Halloween party, there are some who will be enjoying a good old Halloween prank. There are three fantastic pranks that you need to see.

Just imagine when you see these pranks if they actually happened to you and how would you react if they happened to you.

The Ford Car Wash

Imagine being told you can test drive a car but you have to take it through a certain car wash… would you do it?

These poor customers did it and they experienced the fright of their lives. When they arrived at the car wash, they had to pay and were expected to give a tip, which obviously they didn’t do and that was the first mistake. As they proceeded through the car wash, the lights went out, plunging them into darkness. It was safe to say some of them were a little scared.

Then the fun really begins. The undead attack the cars, banging on the windows, leaping onto the front of the car and the roof. They shake the car and make growling, gargling noises. Safe to say the inhabitants of the cars were terrified.

It should be noted that this was done in a closed car wash. Please do not worry about being attacked by the undead as you drive your car through a car wash. Although if you do have cars on lease then you can simply hand it back at the end of your leasing agreement, so you can rid yourself of the horrible memory if you are attacked.

Chainsaw Massacre in the car park

Multi-storey car parks are meant to be safe and secure. So how would react if you saw a man who has been cut in half crawling towards you across the floor, whimpering for help. Behind him is a large, brutish masked man carrying a chainsaw. Run away screaming?

Or how about walking around the corner and discover that man hanging off the ceiling with the chainsaw wielder sawing the bloody intestines below? Scream and run away whilst he chases you down the corridor?

Or you’ve just walked onto the car park floor where your car is parked and you see the masked man dragging the dead body across the floor. Then the masked figure gives chase as you run away as fast as possible.

Manual Car Wash

So you’ve just leased a car and you’ve been driving it for about a month now. You feel it needs a clean, so you head to a manual car wash. You jet wash your car down and then a filthy car appears with three men dressed in disturbing costumes pull into the bay next to you.

They get out and begin to jet wash their car. One of them casually wanders around dressed in white overalls with an ice hockey mask and an axe in hand. What would you do?

Would you drop the jet wash, jump into your car and drive away as fast as possible whilst the axe man chased you?

If you are going to do that then remember to lock the door.