How To Drive In The Sun

Hot summer has arrived and that means the sun is here to stay, but that means there is more of a risk of glare and low sun making driving potentially more dangerous. In the mornings and at night there is a far greater and longer risk of low sun shining across your windscreen and into your cabin.

This massively reduces visibility and requires you to change your driving style to avoid any accidents.

Here are just a few things you can do to reduce the glare from the sun

Wear your sunglasses

First line of defence are your sunglasses, no matter if it is summer or winter, if the sun it out, then you need these to hand. A great pair of polarised sunglasses keep the glare to a minimum. This is even more helpful if you have glare from multiple directions including directly from the sun but also reflecting off the wet road

Wash your windscreen

A dirty windscreen can increase the glare by making the sunlight scatter and refract when it hits the grime and dirt. Make sure you keep it clean to greatly reduce the glare across it. We recommend regularly cleaning the inside and outside of your windscreen and avoid leaving streaks on the window. Before your journey, use your windscreen cleaner and let it dry before setting off to ensure you have a clean screen.

Tidy your car

This might seem strange to tell you to tidy your car, but if you have an untidy dash, the sunlight can reflect of different items that can dramatically increase the glare. Remove all the rubbish and other items that litter your dash to ensure you have nothing that can reflect towards you. Keep your dash clear.

Lower your sun screen

Your sun screen is a perfect way of blocking out the sun. Although occasionally the sun still finds its way through the gaps, you can invest in additional secondary visors to block out those gaps also. You can get complete black out ones so the sun can’t get in but you also can’t see out, or there is another alternative. There are see-through visors that help block sunlight but you can still see out of them as well.

Drive safely

Driving in the sun is similar to driving when it is absolutely pouring it down. Drive to what you can see and those circumstances that means you should reduce speed to avoid losing control or coming to quickly up to something you can’t see until it is too late. Speed is not always a solution.

Also try and keep distance with the car in front. Same principle applies that if you cannot see clearly then having enough space between you and other drivers means you can control the situation better.

Even if you are commuting to work, you should consider avoiding the times when the glare is at its worse. This might mean setting off thirty minutes earlier but it does mean you have given yourself enough time to deal with having to drive slower and more carefully until the sun’s glare.

Summer is great and we all love the warmth and fun the sun can bring, but like all good things there are risks that come with it and it is best to be prepared for when it does.If you are private car leasing then you need to be careful when driving in the sun, because the damage to your leased car could cost you more money. If you are interested in vehicle leasing then we can help.