January Price Drop

As months go, let’s be honest, January has to be up there with one of the worst. Now we don’t mean to sound negative but, most of us, post-Christmas and New Year are feeling fat, still full, never want to see a roast or alcoholic beverage again (we’re sure this will pass), we’re back to work and we’ve already broken all our new years resolutions. We’re all professing how positive we are, that this is a ‘New Year, New Me’ and ‘This is going to be the best year yet’. However, in reality, it’s still cold and dark outside, it’s rained for weeks, our wallets are still weeping at their own emptiness and that silly Santa guy ‘apparently’ couldn’t fit the new car you wanted down the chimney.

What goes up must come down, and after weeks of celebrations and fun, we are all feeling like we just want to hibernate in our new onsies and watch the boxsets we got for Christmas. We of course want to muster up the energy and money to be the ‘New Us’, but maybe let’s just postpone it until next month when we get paid and we are feeling reenergised.

Well, here at Zero Deposit Car Leasing we are kicking the January blues right in the baubles and saying NO, let’s start this year now! We don’t want you to feel blue, we don’t want you to start on the wrong foot in 2018, we don’t want you to stay indoors and wallow, oh no! We want you to be the legends that you imagined you are going to be this year, we want you to shine from the offset, start as you mean to go on, set sail on your new year ventures, shout from the rooftops that you are here and you’re about to have the best year! (Sorry we got a little excited!)

We basically want to kick start this New Year with optimism and positivity from the very beginning. This is why we are unveiling our best New Year present yet!

We are giving all of our customers, old and new, the opportunity to lease a brand new car right now, at January sale prices, and letting you pay next month. Oh yes, we did just say that.

Not only are we going to reduce EVERY SINGLE car lease deal by up to 20%, there’s no deposits, we’ll deliver it within days, and you’ll pay us NOTHING for a month!

Let’s just recap…


So wipe those January cobwebs away, get online or call us, because all you need to do now is choose what car you want to drive into 2018 with!

Would it be the BMW 3 Series – Used approved but still stylish, fully prepared to BVRLA standards, and with fully comprehensive warranty. It’s got the flair and features that all BMW’s hold and it can be yours for under £200 per month, right now, for nothing. Zero.

Want something new and smaller for city driving? What about the Dacia Sandero? It’s economical, reliable, customisable and yours for under £169 per month with, again, nothing to pay now.

There’s also the small but mighty Renault Captur; it’s distinctive and spirited  it’s packed full of features like voice control, automatic wipers and lighting, climate control, automatic fingertip controls and more. All yours for under £200 per month with yep, you guessed, absolutely nothing to pay now.

Perhaps you need to feel like a chief in 2018, and yearn for a car that reflects just how fierce you’re going to be? Well it has to be the Range Rover Evoque then. We don’t need to tell you how popular, desired and well-engineered  this car is, and now you can lease one for under £375 per month, with absolutely ZERO, nada, niente, zilch to pay now.

These offers are available to the whole of the UK with delivery nationwide, so make sure you do one thing this January that’s worth it, and get on the road with a nothing to pay now, discounted, zero deposit lease from Zero Deposit Leasing. We don’t envision the cars staying in stock for long so either, fill in this form and we’ll get straight back to you with options, head to the website to browse the deals and instant chat, or give us a call for a quick quote and a happier new year.