Most Popular Lease Cars in the UK

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is really one of a kind and there’s honestly no other family car like it. This crossover is unlike anything else as it features a quirky and unique look, along with a design which has never been seen before. The higher trim you go, the more improvements you get in terms of a better drive and infotainment features, such as a four-wheel drive.

If you prefer to look different and stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the companion for you.

Lease deals from: £208.27 p/m.

SEAT Ibiza

This car is becoming more and more popular on the roads, for every customer type. With its low insurance cost and being cheap to run, the Ibiza is a great value for money, especially when you see what it has to offer. It’s insanely good looks is enough to make anyone want it, but it’s great drive, comfortable interior and range of standard equipment will tip you over the edge.

The SEAT Ibiza is that perfect everyday car with a bit of a sporty twist.

Lease deals from: £151.74 p/m.

Peugeot 208

Regaining the name it so truly deserves, the 208 has pulled it out of the bag and is bigger than ever. This supermini is a serious contender and is able to take on the likes of the Ford Fiesta and even the Volkswagen Polo with its distinctive design and use of high-quality materials. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen as standard with an infotainment system which isn’t too complicated, the journeys you embark upon will no longer be boring.

A super-mini perfect for the family in any place at any time.

Lease deals from: £169.16 p/m.

Fiat 500

There’s nothing like a little car in order to give you a taste of Italy. It’s retro design fits in around the city perfectly, as it’s modern and unique – and also can swerve in and out of the busy traffic. The interior and exterior are matching, making the car have the cutest colour combination. Being one of the most popular city cars on the road today, you’d be a fool not to whip this little ride up, especially when you see the price.

The most popular city car and the most perfect companion.

Lease deals from: £146.36 p/m.

BMW 1 Series

BMW have such a recognisable name, it’s like they’re the King of all cars. For you to be driving a BMW, you’ve got to be a fan of their executive looks and fast drive, it’s also not hard to love how reliable they are. The 1 Series was the highest selling BMW in Germany in 2015 – so there must be a reason to why people love this car so much? Is it its swanky appearance and up-market interior? Either way, it’s a great investment.

One of the hottest hatchbacks on the road and it will be for that little bit longer.

Lease deals from: £286.76 p/m.

Mercedes C-Class

Perfect for business, perfect for the family and absolutely perfect for anyone at any age. As soon as you step foot in the C-Class, expect nothing but class and style, especially in terms of the quality and the design of the car on a whole. The Mercedes C-Class is in the running of being the best executive saloon right now and for the price, it’s a cracking deal for what you get.

A stunning saloon with so much character.

Lease deals from: £266.36 p/m.

Car leasing is now one of the most popular ways to get a newer car for less in the UK. There are thousands of different lease vehicles which may be your perfect match, including the ones which have been listed here, but be sure to check out the variety of deals available.