Top 10 Cars To Lease Under £200

When it comes to owning a car, many of us will have to stick to a strict budget. Buying a car can get pretty expensive, which is why car leasing is a great way to drive away in your perfect car for a fraction of the cost. And with no deposit car leasing, you can save money and drive away without having to save up for a deposit beforehand. We’ve already had a look at the top 5 lease cars under £100, so we decided to find some more of the best car lease deals for under £200 per month.

Ford Ka – £118.97

The cheapest of our top 10, the Ford Ka is a great little city run-around. It’s super fun to drive, and surprisingly practical even though it’s quite small. Its cute style and cheap price make it the perfect city car.

Peugeot 207 – £133.25

One of the most popular superminis on the market is the Peugeot 207. This reasonably priced car is quite spacious on the inside, so you won’t be struggling for room. It’s also great for driving on winding country roads, as the suspension is great at tackling bumps in the road.

Kia Ceed – £159.98

Offering great value for money, the Ceed is a stylish car that offers drivers a gorgeous cabin with loads of space, and decent kit as standard. The Ceed rivals most of the other cars in its class, so it’s definitely one to consider.

Honda Jazz – £164.99

Despite the small size of the Jazz, you get a surprising amount of room inside. The Jazz is a stylish and reliable car than manages to capture the agility of much larger rivals.

Citroen C3 – £175.18

If you’re looking for a supermini that has bags of style, then the C3 is your best bet. Although not top of its class, the C3 has some great qualities to offer drivers, such as interior comfort, sleek design, and a good amount of space, especially in the boot.

Vauxhall Insignia – £179.87

Vauxhall have produced many great cars, and the Insignia is no exception. The Insignia perfectly balances slick style and excellent economy. If you’re considering it as a company car, we’d definitely recommend going for one of the diesel engines.

Volkswagen Golf – £182.97

The Golf is one of the best cars about, and loads of fun to drive. The interior has been made with lots of care and high quality materials. It’s very practical, and would make for a fantastic family car. The classy and iconic style is sure to turn some heads too.

Hyundai i30 – £184.76

A classy and spacious car, the Hyundai i30 has been well-thought out. Not only is it stylish and practical, but the frugal engines are highly economical. With a decent amount of tech as standard, the i30 is a car that ticks almost all the boxes.

Skoda Octavia – £184.76

When it comes to practicality and safety, the Skoda Octavia is at the top of its class. The cabin is spacious, well built, and comes with a generous amount of equipment as standard. It’s also incredibly comfortable and cheap to run.

Ford Focus – £186.99

The Focus definitely lives up to the high standard that Ford have set themselves. It has incredibly smooth handling, low CO2 emissions, and is highly refined. A great choice, whether you’re thinking of leasing it for personal or business use.