Top 5 Worst Cars To Own

When it comes to choosing a car, you want to make sure you don’t accidentally end up choosing something terrible. So to make things easier for you, here are the Top 5 worst cars to own! We’ve reviewed awful cars from the 80s, all the way through to modern day monstrosities. So if you’re thinking about leasing a car, let this list serve as inspiration for what not to go for! And if you’re worried about credit history when it comes to leasing, don’t worry, because poor credit car leasing is always an option. And if you don’t want to pay a deposit, make sure to have a look at no deposit car leasing too.

Smart ForTwo

While the Smart ForTwo may be perfectly suited to driving on twisting roads in the city, and parking in small spaces; place it on a motorway, or try and fit bulky luggage in the boot, and it’s completely useless. It may offer decent fuel economy, but the Smart ForTwo hardly comes cheap in the first place. It’s also got incredibly high depreciation. On top of this, the ForTwo is highly impractical with some questionable design and styling. Definitely one to avoid.

Fiat Multipla

You’ll either love it or hate it. The Fiat Multipla has the misfortune of being a truly terrible style of car. The exterior bodywork is bulbous and overly cartoonish. And if the poor design wasn’t bad enough, it’s let down by its performance too. It’s tricky to handle, offers poor economy, isn’t overly safe or comfortable, has high depreciation, and is pretty much outclassed by all its rivals. That being said, its unique design may appeal to some, and it is at the very least, practical and cheap to run.

Chrysler Cruiser

The Chrysler Cruiser may have been aiming for a cool retro look, but it missed the mark completely. Just like the Fiat Multipla, the Chrysler has an overly rounded and chunky design, which isn’t easy on the eye in the slightest. The Chrysler doesn’t even make up for its horrendous styling by being practical or cheap to run either. Servicing is expensive, the rear seats are awkward to use, and there is a whole host of mechanical issues to put up with too.

Audi 5000

Generally when we think of Audi, we immediately think of their sleek, elegant, and luxuriously designed cars. However, back in the mid-80s, Audi’s reputation was much different to the one it has today. Apparently their 5000 model was the cause of 700 accidents and 6 deaths, when a faulty system meant that the car would accelerate forward by itself! We’re glad this isn’t the case with any of the newer Audis.

Reliant Robin

Although the Reliant Robin was a highly popular car in Britain at one point, it was absolutely terrible to drive. This 3-wheeled car would drive just fine, so long as you didn’t drive into a corner at the wrong angle, or go over a hill too fast, or completely stayed away from roundabouts…You get our drift. If you handled the Robin wrong, it would tilt completely over onto its side, and skid across the road. I think we’ll be sticking to 4-wheeled cars in the future.