Top No-Deposit Family Cars

Top No-Deposit Family Cars

Posted: 22nd March 2016

Looking for a new family car, but aren’t sure which one to go for? You’re in luck! We have hundreds of vehicles to choose from, so it all depends what you’re looking for in a family car. Whether it’s space, practicality or something cheap to run. To make things easier for you, we’ve picked some of the best family cars which tick all the boxes, and are available as a no deposit car lease. If you get a family car as a zero deposit car lease then not only will you save money by not buying outright, but you won’t have the stress of saving up for a large chunk of cash beforehand for the deposit.

Honda Civic

One of the best things about the Civic is its incredible large boot, which is great at fitting in luggage for trips out with the family, so space won’t ever be an issue. With economical engines and a name for reliability too, you know you can trust the Civic to keep you and your family safe. The handling isn’t the best in its class, but the Civic makes up for it with ample interior quality and space, so you’ll never be fighting for room.

Skoda Octavia

The Octavia is the car to go for if you’re looking for huge amounts of safety and reliability. It may not have the same levels of style and charm as other cars on the list, but don’t let this put you off. The Octavia is hugely practical, with a huge boot to match, and works effortlessly to keep your family safe, whilst ensuring you have enough space and comfort to relax. It can also easily seat 5 people without any squabbling over space.

Ford Focus

As one of the leaders in its class, it’s hard to find any bad points about the Ford Focus. With top of the range handling, affordable running costs, and a wide range of powerful and capable engines, the Focus can tackle any obstacle in its way. Space wise, there’s plenty of head and leg-room up front, and the equally in the back, with a big boot to match. A 5-star NCAP crash test rating also means you can rely on the Focus to keep your family safe.

Vauxhall Astra

If you can get your hands on a used Astra, then you’ve snagged yourself a real bargain. The Astra is a fantastic vehicle, with a range of economical engines and a wonderful amount of space to kick back and relax. The Astra is also on par with some of the best in the class when it comes to practicality, so it’ll make family-living and driving a real breeze, no matter the situation you throw at it.

Land Rover

Although not the cheapest on the list, the Land Rover is definitely the most luxurious when it comes to family cars. This iconic car can take your family off-road, as well as on a comfortable cruise along at high speeds in complete comfort. With high-tech features and space galore, your family will never tire of this truly gorgeous vehicle. There are plenty of models to choose from too, including the Vogue, Sport and Evoque.