What Do We Want From Self-Driving Cars?

We are becoming more and more advanced as the days go on, so why not start driving in a car which drives itself? It’s inevitable and was always likely to happen. Google have designed the self-driving car in order for us to travel through cities and towns with ease and an increase of safety… but are they as good as they make them out to be?


Nearly no error

The self-driving car makes quick calculations which involves your speed, other car behaviours and your location which makes it very accurate compared to humans, as we tend to make a lot of error. If there are nearly never any errors, this means that there are fewer accidents.

Makes parking a lot easier

Parking can always be a pain and extremely time consuming. With the self-driving car, it would drop you off and then find a parking space. This saves a lot of time, especially if you’re in the city or somewhere really busy where you often struggle to park.

Traffic congestion

All of the sensors featured within a self-driving car will allow for more cars to be on the road, as they pack together leaving less space between cars.

Anyone can drive

This makes things so much easier, it reduces the stress of trying to pass your test and therefore helps you save the money you’d spend on learning. Even if you have a disability, you could drive a self-driving car as the car does everything for you. Anyone can drive.

New designs

There’s potential for new designs as there are no limitations what so ever, we could just be relaxing in a little pod until you reach your destination.

Just like most things though… there are some negatives when it comes to self-driving cars, just as expected.



They feature the most advanced technology which doesn’t come cheap. Therefore when they get released and become available to the public to purchase, they will be a hefty price and not everyone will be able to afford them.

Computer error

The biggest worry with computers is that something could potentially go wrong. This could mean that the self-driving car could form an error and therefore crash, causing an accident.


A range of different professions rely on the use of vehicles in order to get customers from A to B. This means that taxi drivers, bus drivers, lorry drivers and more will all be unemployed which would be tragic for the economy.

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