Which Car Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Each of us have a star sign. It is determined by the date we are born and some believe it influences how our lives pan out. Each sign has certain traits that are devoted to the person born under it. But can your Zodiac sign decide what car you should lease?

Aries u2013 21st March u2013 19th April

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents those who are adventurous and outgoing. This means you need a car that can take you places in a comfortable setting. For that reason, you should consider the Fiat Panda 4×4, winner of multiple awards including SUV of the Year.

Taurus u2013 20th April u2013 20th May

Those under the Taurus are always looking for the good life. They seek out high quality physical comfort and are not afraid to go for it. Also with stubborn nature, they deserve a quality car that can deliver and beat all the odds. So surely the Vauxhall Insignia is for them.

Gemini u2013 21st May u2013 20th June

Geminis are those with multiple sides. They can be fun and serious and hilarious and morbid. They need a car that represents their different sides and that requires a convertible, sports car. And there is only one up for the task. Mazda MX-5 is an insanely fun, quick car that can ask as a responsible every day car and then when you want to, you can throw it into the corners for great fun.

Cancer u2013 2st June -22nd July

Those of the Cancer sign love domestic bliss and their family. They tend to aim for larger families. This means they require a car that can deliver great space for their family and we have just the suggestions. The 7-seater Ford Galaxy. This car is filled with loads of equipment and bundles of space for everyone.

Leo u2013 23rd July u2013 22nd August

Leos love to be the centre of attention. Like seriously, they love life so much, they just want everyone to know who life is the most important. So the only car for them really is the British classic reincarnation of the Mini Paceman. Mini designed this car to ensure you get noticed when you drive it. Plus it is sporty, fun and elegant.

Virgo u2013 23rd August u2013 22nd September

Virgos are big fans of ensuring things work perfectly and efficiently. This may require hard work, but Virgos see that as a trait. This means they are big fans of safety when it comes to their cars. One of the safest cars on the road is the Skoda Octavia, but it is also extremely practical with large boot space and passenger space.

Libra u2013 23rd September u2013 22nd October

Libras are cooperative and fair minded souls. They aim to be well balanced in life to help those around them. When it comes to their car, there are few vehicles that are more balanced than the Seat Leon Ecomotive. This car delivers both sportiness and fuel efficiency. This means you can have fun, whilst also saving the environment and your wallet.

Scorpio u2013 23rd October u2013 21st November

If you have a Scorpio as your friend, then you will find no truer friend than they. That’s what they look for in their cars. You also look for resourceful cars and therefore you can only choose the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has huge amounts of space and offers you the chance to drive anywhere.

Sagittarius u2013 22nd November u2013 21st December

Those of the Sagittarius sign are hilarious, generous and idealistic. They are complete lovers of life who love to travel and taking it easy. For when they go travelling, the will need an award winning, tough SUV to travel in. So, let us introduce the Nissan Qashqai. The perfect SUV for long, enjoyable journeys.

Capricorn u2013 22nd December u2013 19th January

Capricorns are responsible, self-disciplined people. They ensure that they work hard and get the job done. This means they are professionals and they need a car to match that. Take a look at the brilliant and sophisticated Mercedes E-Class. This is a car that means business.

Aquarius u2013 20th January u2013 18th February

These are the people who wish to make the world a better place. This includes being innovative. We suggest the Renault Captur for its space, driving ability and its green credentials of offering great fuel efficiency.

Pisces u2013 19th February u2013 20th March

Pisces are compassionate, creative folk. Like their fish symbol, they go with the flow and allow the current of life to take them forward. The fluid design of the Hyundai i30 is perfect for them. It has great fuel efficiency and low emissions, whilst offering an affordable, comfy drive.

If you are inspired by your zodiac sign to get a new car, then consider getting one through our variety of car lease deals. We make it very easy to lease cars and to ensure you get the best deal for you and the car you are after.