Vehicle Warranty

Car warranty will protect you from most mechanical or manufacturing faults when you get a new vehicle, safeguarding and giving you peace of mind on the roads. A car warranty is a sort of guarantee to protect your car should it get a manufacturing fault within a certain amount of time or usage. It is essentially covering you should the car stop working due to a mechanical flaw.

Three month complimentary Warranty at Zero Deposit Car Leasing

All our vehicles come with manufacturer’s warranty from when the car was made, this tends to be 3 years but can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, if you do select an older vehicle then we will add a three-month complimentary and comprehensive warranty.

Extended Warranty at Zero Deposit Car Leasing

After this, you can avoid repair costs by adding an extended comprehensive warranty plan for the remainder of your agreement for peace of mind motoring. Zero Deposit Car Leasing’s extended warranty has been designed to help protect you against costs incurred in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure.

Pricing and next steps to Warranty

12 month Warranty packages start from just £299.

*Pricing based on a standard vehicle.
If you have other question or further warranty pricing queries, please contact one of our account managers on 01254 956 666, or drop us an email at [email protected].

How to claim

If a fault develops with your vehicle, stop driving your car as it may cause further damage that we will not cover. Contact our Claims Department on 0113 2709 488 before any repair work is undertaken. Then;

  1. Deliver your vehicle to your local independent garage (not the main dealers) and leave them your warranty book.
  2. If you do not know a local garage, or you break down out of area (on holiday) then we help to find you a local independent garage using
  3. The garage must call our Claims Department on 0113 270 9488 before they commence any repair work.
  4. If you cannot drive the vehicle you may claim up to £50 plus VAT towards recovery in the event of a valid claim.
  5. We will discuss the issue(s) you are experiencing directly with the garage and agree the costs that can be recovered under warranty and issue a claims authority number for these repairs.

The garage will be asked to complete the work and then email or fax us their bill and we will pay them over the phone with our debit card, or by BACs payment, BEFORE you collect your vehicle. No other warranty programme provides this level of service.