Compare Car Leasing Deals

Compare car lease deals

Zero Deposit has the most affordable lease deals on the market – we compare deals from a wide panel of lenders, and you can save more money if you don’t pay a deposit!

We'll find the best lease deal for you! 🙌🏻

Compare Car Leasing Deals

Why use Zero Deposit Leasing
to compare car lease deals?

  • All-inclusive service – we won’t pass you around to third parties; we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Various lease contract available, from personal contract hire to personal contract purchase.
  • Keep your options open and find lease deals for new and used cars.
  • We have a wide panel of lenders, so you’ll find a deal whatever your circumstances.
  • You can compare the best business and personal lease deals, we serve everyone.
  • Once you’ve found a deal, you can fill out our 5-minute application to see if you’re preapproved.
  • We understand that everyone’s financial history is different, so we offer a non-judgemental service.
  • Comparing lease deals with Zero Deposit Leasing is quick and easy, so let’s get started!

Compare our newest special offers - we bring you the best deals, so there's no need to look anywhere else!

We offer a full, in-house service

We offer a full, in-house service

From start to finish, every part of your application is with Zero Deposit Leasing; we won’t pass you around different companies. Once you’ve found your lease deal, you’ll get an account manager and access to the MyHippo app, where you can track every stage of your application. Plus, we have an extended team of preparation specialists and a dedicated customer service team – so you’re always in the know.

Get free, impartial advice

Get free, impartial advice

When you’re comparing car lease deals, you don’t want someone trying to sell you a hatchback when you want a saloon. We train our account managers to be people-focused, not deal focused, so you know we’re always advising with your best interests in mind. Compare our best lease deals and see how we can get you behind the wheel with minimal fuss.

Compare special deals and offers

Browse a range of hand-picked special offers, which include some of the UK’s lowest lease deals, so you’re guaranteed to make a saving. Be quick! We update these exclusive deals daily, so they’re only around for a limited time.

Compare special deals and offers
Compare various types of lease contract

Compare various types of lease contract

It’s great to have options, which is why we give you access to various lease contracts, such as personal contract hire, personal contract purchase and hire purchase. We know that leasing can be a little confusing to begin with, so we have a handy guide to car leasing, which explains all the different lease contracts.

What is car leasing and how does it work?

Compare various leasing options

  • Compare new and used cars

    Compare new and used cars

    Deciding whether to lease a new or used car can be challenging, so we offer the option to do both. Leasing a new car means you get a brand new, modern high-spec vehicle that nobody has driven before; leasing a used car means you can still lease a reasonably new car, but you’ll save more on your agreement. Compare our new and used lease deals to get the vehicle that’s right for you.

    View all new lease deals View all used lease deals
  • Compare business & personal lease deals

    Compare business & personal lease deals

    We all need a car for different reasons, so we offer lease deals for personal and business use. Whether you need a vehicle for your daily commute or you want to show up in style in an executive-level vehicle, we’ve got a massive range of cars available. Compare our personal and business lease deals to find a car that suits your lifestyle.

    View all business lease deals View all personal lease deals
  • Compare no deposit & bad credit lease deals

    Compare no deposit & bad credit lease deals

    We understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different, and we do our utmost to give help to people that need it the most. If you have bad credit or no deposit, you don’t have to give up on leasing a car. We work with specialist lenders who could be able to help you. Compare our best deals and get a deal to suit your financial situation.

    View all no deposit lease deals View all bad credit lease deals
  • Compare electric & hybrid car lease deals

    Compare electric & hybrid car lease deals

    We’ll all be driving electric cars at some point, so you can get ahead of the game and start comparing electric car lease deals now. We have deals from the likes of Tesla, Nissan, Volkswagen and Polestar, and we offer electric and hybrid cars at competitive rates – so you could go green sooner than you think.

    View all electric lease deals View all hybrid lease deals
  • Compare van leasing deals

    Compare van leasing deals

    We lease vans and cars, and you must get the best deal available to you if you’re running a business. We offer the best van leasing rates on the market, and we also provide personal lease deals and business lease deals. We stock all the most prominent manufacturers and the best vans, so start comparing now.

    View all van deals
  • We compare lease deals from a wide panel of lenders

    We compare lease deals from a wide panel of lenders

    You aren’t going to get the best deal if we only use one lender, so we work with various lending companies, improving your chances of getting the best deal. Compare deals from our lenders now, and get your finance agreement locked.

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Compare and get preapproved for finance

It’s fun comparing cars and lease deals, but it isn’t fun if you put all the hard work in and then fail your finance application. That’s why we offer the chance to take our soft credit check application, which doesn’t affect your credit score.

It tells us whether you’re preapproved for finance and means you can search for cars without worrying about credit acceptance. Hit the apply now button; it only takes five minutes!

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Speed up the process of your car leasing journey and check your eligibility - with no impact on your credit score! *

*a hard search will be performed if you decide to proceed. We are a credit broker, not a lender.