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Your view is important to us!

We are committed to responding promptly and fairly to any complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction from our customers. Below you will find details of our internal customer complaints procedures, including time frames in which we will respond to any issues that you raise.

Our aim is always to satisfactorily resolve any complaint at the earliest opportunity, so please help us by following the guidelines. We keep records of all complaints that we receive, they provide us with valuable feedback, telling us how we can improve our services

Who should you complain to?

Although you may have alternative rights and courses of action available to you and we do not intend to limit those in any way, if you would like to follow the process described below, our Customer Care team will do it’s best to resolve your complaint and will be back in touch shortly.

What will we do next?

Our aim is to provide a satisfactory solution as speedily as possible. We will endeavor to sort out the problem there and then. In some cases, further investigation may be required, therefore we will let you know that we have received your complaint and we are treating it with the upmost importance. This will state our understanding of the nature of your concerns and how we are investigating it.

When will we contact you again?

We aim to provide our final response to your complaint within a maximum of 8 weeks and, if possible, earlier. We will keep in touch to update you if we have encountered any issues that may delay our response.

If after 8 weeks we have still not provided a final response to your complaint, then we will write to you giving reasons for the delay and tell you when we expect to be able to provide a final response. In this case after 8 weeks, you will be in your right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service or to an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider such as the BVRLA. We will explain this process and provide you with the necessary details when this stage is reached. Alternatively, you may still choose to wait until we are able to provide our final response.

What do we mean by final response?

Our final response will detail the results of our investigation into your complaint and will state whether it has been accepted or rejected. In both cases we will explain the reasons for our decision. Considering we consider the individuals’ circumstances of each case investigated, where appropriate we may make an offer of redress. This will not always involve financial redress and simply may involve an apology. Our aim is to treat all customers consistently and fairly and therefore have strict processes in place to enable us to do so.

What happens if you are dissatisfied?

Our final response will provide details of how you may escalate your complaint if you remain dissatisfied following the outcome of our investigation. It will also give you details of any right of referral you may have to the Financial Ombudsman Service, arbitration other dispute resolution schemes. If you would like to take a look at the consumer leaflet for the Financial Ombudsman in advance please follow this link:

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