GAP Insurance

GAP insurance is designed for you. At Zero Deposit Car Leasing, we understand a car lease is a valuable investment for you and one you will want to protect.

What is GAP insurance cover?

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is a policy designed to provide financial protection for you should your vehicle be declared a total loss by your motor insurance provider. This can be due to theft, fire, an accident or your vehicle being stolen. In the event of a valid claim, GAP insurance will pay the difference between the car insurance company’s settlement figure and the outstanding balance of your lease agreement.

Is GAP insurance required?

No, GAP insurance is an additional product and is not legally required when you lease a car with Zero Deposit Car Leasing. If choosing not to add GAP insurance to your policy, you would have to pay the depreciation difference in case of a total loss of your vehicle.

What are the benefits of GAP insurance?

  • Policy Duration: You can choose the term of your policy to complement the duration of your finance or lease agreement so you are covered throughout. Cover would end earlier in the event of a paid claim or if the vehicle is no longer in your possession.
  • Motor Insurance Excess: Up to £250 is covered for any motor insurance excess.
  • Claim Limit: Finance GAP will pay a maximum claim limit to the purchase price of the vehicle up to £60,000. Lease GAP will pay up to the outstanding balance on the lease agreement (subject to the leasing rental being less than £750 + VAT on commencement).
  • Vehicle Accessories Covered: As long as accessories are fitted by the dealer and are manufacturer approved, we will cover up to £1500 of extras. Manufacturer fitted accessories are covered also.
  • Transferable: If during the first year of cover, the vehicle is written off and you get a replacement vehicle on a “new for old” basis, you can transfer the remaining duration of the policy to your replacement vehicle free of charge. You may then subsequently, at any time, transfer any remaining period of insurance on the policy due to a further change of vehicle, on payment of an administration fee of £35, as long as the replacement vehicle falls within the price range specified in your policy schedule.
  • Cancellable: If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your policy and you do so within 30 days, and no claim has been registered with AutoProtect during this time, we’ll give you a full refund. After that, you may still cancel at any point, subject to a £35 administration fee. You will receive a pro-rata refund which will reflect the length of the term remaining.
  • Lease GAP Contribution: We will also cover you for up to 3 monthly rental payments to a maximum of £2,500 (including VAT) as a contribution towards a replacement vehicle under a new contract hire or lease agreement subject to the provision of a new vehicle contract hire or lease agreement.

RTI GAP insurance explained

RTI or Return to Invoice is a policy designed to cover you if the car you finance is written off or stolen and your insurance company’s pay-out is lower than the amount of finance you have left to pay. The RTI insurance will then cover the difference between what the insurance company has paid out and the initial value of your vehicle. If you paid a deposit when purchasing the vehicle, this will also be included in the difference.

RTI will ensure what you paid for the car at the time of purchase is what you will receive back, therefore putting you in the same financial position you were in prior to the claim.

How much is GAP insurance and what are the payment options available?

PolicyCoverValue of vehiclePrice
Standard GAPUp to 60 monthsUp to £15,000£249.00
Prestige GAPUp to 60 months£15,000 – £125,000£399.00
GAP/RTI CombinedUp to 36 monthsUp to £125,000£499.00

Next steps to GAP

Zero Deposit Car Leasing can supply GAP insurance that will cover you for the term of your lease. Our consultants will ask you to clarify your requirement for these facilities when you order your vehicle. For more information on GAP insurance cover at Zero Deposit Car Leasing, enquire here or contact us on 01254 956 666 and we will be happy to help you.

How to make a claim

If you have registered for GAP insurance with Zero Deposit Car Leasing and total loss occurs, report your claim using the following procedure:

  1. Contact the administrators via the app or online at and notify them of your claim within 90 days of the total loss.
  2. For claims authorisation, you must provide:
  • the cause of total loss;
  • your original invoice detailing original purchase price etc. if you did not use a finance agreement to fund the vehicle purchase;
  • proof of payment of the appropriate premium or premium instalment in respect of the policy via a supplementary invoice;
  • proof of payment of the claim for total loss under the motor insurance policy;
  • a valid crime reference number in the case of malicious damage or theft;
  • details of the finance settlement amount including the outstanding balance, remaining term, interest charges etc.

IMPORTANT: You should notify AutoProtect of your claim before accepting any settlement from your motor insurer.

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