Frequently Asked Questions

We know that car leasing can seem confusing. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions below.

Of course, they may be some we don’t cover. So if you have a question that’s not answered below, get in touch over the phone, email, through live chat, or fill out our quick enquiry form and we’ll be happy to talk you through any queries.

Can I Get A Lease Car?

Vehicle leasing is a type of finance agreement, meaning you have to be at least 18 years old to take it out. This applies to all finance types we offer, including PCP, HP, CH or LP agreements.

No. Various lenders will still offer you lease deals with a provisional license. This allows you to lease a car before passing your driving test. Most lenders will require a full UK driving licence, but it’s not always the case.

Yes. We offer lease cars for taxi use, although this is only available through a hire purchase finance agreement. This type of vehicle lease agreement requires you to purchase the car at the end of the contract, making you the legal owner.

You don’t have to be employed full-time, but you must be able to prove that you receive a regular source of income or benefit. This shows that you’re able to afford the agreed monthly payments for your vehicle.

With car leasing, the ID required depends on your credit score. You’ll need to provide proof of residency, proof of income or benefits, along with a proof of identity, such as a passport or driving licence.

Basics Of Leasing

The business car leasing process couldn’t be easier with us. The first step is to get in touch.

Once you do, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who’ll talk you through your options and make sure business car leasing is right for you.

You can tell them what make and model you’re looking for, whether it’s one vehicle or a fleet, and what your monthly budget is. Don’t worry if you’re not sure on the car, we’re independent, so we can make a recommendation based on what’s important to you and your business.

Once you’re happy with the vehicle(s) and the monthly figure, we’ll deliver them to your door.

Yes. Whether it’s the same make and model for all or a range, our account managers will make sure your fleet is right for your business.

Depending on the length of your lease agreement, you may have the option to pay off the negative equity earlier and change your vehicle. Alternatively, you can wait until your agreement ends.

There are a variety of lease agreements available, the minimum being 12 months and the maximum 60. The most commonly lasts between 36-48 months, though we work hard to find the right lease contract length for you.

Yes. Before entering a car lease agreement with you, the lender will perform a credit check. That doesn’t mean you have to have perfect credit, though. We have a dedicated in-house team who specialise in bad credit car leasing. The easiest way to find out if we can help is by getting in touch.

How much you can borrow depends on your credit score and affordability. You need to be able to prove you can make your monthly payments. But if you have a less than perfect credit score don’t worry. We have a dedicated in-house team who specialise in bad credit leasing. So, no matter your circumstances, we’re confident we can find the right lease deal for you.

You should receive a response to your lease application within 24 hours, although it’s usually much sooner.

Yes. Unlike most, we specialise in no deposit car leasing. In fact, all our vehicles come with a no deposit option. It’s worth noting, though, that by paying a deposit, you’ll reduce your monthly payments.

When you choose a new car, you want it quickly. That’s why we specialise in used car leasing. Instead of waiting what could be months for the manufacturer to deliver your vehicle, you could agree your lease and get the keys to your car the same day.

And even if you don’t live close to our state-of-the-art showroom, we’ll usually deliver your vehicle to your door within 72 hours of completion.

That’s just one reason. You can read more about why we specialise in used car leasing here. > Used car leasing deals page
Along with lead time, dealers tend to want a substantial up front deposit for a brand-new vehicle, whereas with a used lease car you are more likely to be able to afford a much better specification of vehicle for your budget.

We purchase a wide variety of vehicles from all over the country to ensure the best quality and value for our customers, all of our cars go through a thorough inspection process and if they do not meet our standards we do not sell them. We endeavour to inform our customers (where possible) the provenance of the vehicle they are buying and as such we will always inform you if the vehicle has previously been either an ex fleet or hire car. Should your vehicle be an ex hire/fleet car please do not be concerned as we would never value this vehicle differently when you come to part exchange it and there is no difference to the CAP valuation either.

Yes. Every one of our vehicles is HPI checked. It ensures there’s no outstanding finance left on the vehicle and that it hasn’t been involved in any accidents, which could result in further problems down the line.

Cars don’t require an MOT until they’re three years old. If your car qualifies for an MOT, we’ll make sure that there are at least six months remaining before you take the keys.

If you decide to lease a brand-new vehicle, you will not be required to MOT this until it is three years old.

Choosing A Car

We have more than 1,000 vehicles in stock and over 5,000 online. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll happily source the car you’re after and deliver it straight to your door.

It depends on your car. For a used car we have in stock, we aim to get it to your door within 72 hours of completion. If you choose a new car, then it’s on the manufacturer. It can take up to three months for the manufacturer to deliver your vehicle.

Our account managers will provide you with as much information as possible about your chosen vehicle, including images and specification. But it’s also worth noting that every single one of our cars must pass a stringent 124-point check before going on sale, so you can rest assured you’re guaranteed quality.

Yes. If you’re struggling to find the vehicle you want, get in touch and one of our expert account managers will be able to source the right car for you.

You would need to carry out your own cherish transfer for any private registration plates. We can provide guidance on the process if you’re unsure, and to also aid when you swap your car again in the future.

Adverse Credit

Yes. We work with a range of flexible lenders that specialise in all customer credit backgrounds. Once you’ve enquired with us, your dedicated account manager will work hard to find the right vehicle and lender to best suit your needs and credit score.

If you have bad credit, you’re seen as a higher risk to a lender. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enter a car lease agreement with a used car. You’ll just find that the lease contract length is longer and your interest rate may be higher.

Bad credit leasing agreements will commonly run from 48-60 months, which is longer than most leases. The interest rates are also usually higher to cover the risk of you not being able to pay in the long term.

Having bad credit can sometimes lower your affordability of some vehicles. However, if you can afford a deposit and the monthly payments, then you can lease any used car.

Part Exchange

Yes. Your vehicle should be in good working condition and the more resalable it is the higher its value.

You can use your part exchange to either clear any outstanding finance that’s still on the car or as a deposit on your new vehicle.

It depends on your vehicle’s current financial state. If you own it outright, then yes. If you still have finance outstanding on your part exchange, then its value can be used to cover that cost, and anything leftover can be used as a deposit on your new car.

No. Your account manager will be able to provide you with a ‘Vehicle Appraisal Form’ which helps us to value your vehicle without seeing it physically. The form needs to be completed as accurately as possible, and in the event that the vehicle is not as described, you would be responsible for any repair.


No. We don’t offer insurance. It would be your responsibility to organise your own insurance before picking up or taking delivery of the vehicle.

It depends on whether you lease a new or used vehicle with us. Our used lease cars don’t come with tax due to the changes to tax laws made in October 2015.

Brand-new cars, however, arrive with tax for the period of your agreement.

Leasing Finance

A hire purchase agreement allows you to spread the cost of a car over a longer period. It’s perfect if you want to own the vehicle at the end of your term. You pay fixed monthly payments over an agreed contract length, then at the end, the car is yours.

With a hire purchase agreement, you can spread the cost of your vehicle over a period of time, rather than paying in one lump sum.

It gives you the peace of mind of fixed monthly payments, not having to rely on savings and there’s no limit on your mileage, unlike a personal contract purchase or personal contract hire agreement.

Providing your credit is good, you will also pay less interest on the HP agreement, saving money overall.

At the end of your hire purchase agreement, the car is yours. That means you can either use it as a deposit on a new car, sell it or keep it.

A personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement is a great way to spread the cost of your vehicle over a time period that suits you.

Unlike a hire purchase, your monthly payments don’t cover the full cost of the car. Instead, they make up the depreciation value of the vehicle.

The depreciation is calculated by looking at how much the car is worth at the time of purchase and predicting how much it’ll be worth at the end of your lease contract.

To do this, your finance company takes into account any deposit you want to make, how long you want the car for and how many miles you’re expected to do,

A personal contract purchase or PCP gives you great flexibility and often a lower monthly payment than hire purchase.

That’s because you’re only covering the cost of the vehicle’s depreciation, rather than the full value.

It also gives you the chance to change your vehicle more frequently than other types of finance, as the contract length usually runs between 36-48 months.

With a PCP agreement, you are paying monthly payments to cover the depreciation of the vehicle rather than the value of this, so your monthly payments will normally be lower than any other leasing and finance options.

When your personal contract purchase agreement comes to an end, you don’t own the vehicle. As you’ve only been covering the vehicle’s depreciation costs through your monthly payments, there’s still outstanding finance against the vehicle.

So, when your term ends, you have three options.

  • Pay off the remaining finance (the balloon payment) and keep the vehicle

  • Hand the car back, however, you may face excess mileage charges

  • Or the most common, to use the car as a deposit on your next vehicle

A personal contract hire agreement works by leasing a vehicle for a period of time and handing it back to the lender when the contract term ends. You won’t ever own the car and a contract hire agreement usually lasts between 24-48 months.

A personal contract hire agreement is the most stress-free type of lease. When the agreement ends, you hand the vehicle back to the lender. This saves any worries about depreciation or trying to sell the vehicle on.

As the monthly payments only cover the cost of the depreciation, they’ll be lower than other finance options, such as hire purchase.

At the end of your personal contract hire agreement, you only have one option - to hand the car back to the finance company.

As long as you’ve stayed within your agreed mileage and there’s no damage to the vehicle outside of fair wear and tear, there’ll be no excess charges.


If you’ve lost your V5 documentation, you’ll need to apply for a new one through the DVLA.

You’re responsible for the servicing and MOT of the vehicle. You should organise an MOT to be conducted annually on any vehicle older than three years old. For servicing, as each car is different, you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines, so that you’re aware of when a service is needed.

Yes. However, maintenance packages are only available for used vehicles leased within a commutable distance to our state-of-the-art service centre. What’s included in your maintenance package will depend on your vehicle.

Your dedicated account manager will be able to talk you through what’s included and the cost associated.

Our maintenance packages differ from vehicle to vehicle. Each package is tailored to your specific make and model’s needs.

Your dedicated account manager will be able to talk you through your vehicle’s unique maintenance package.

Yes, you can use the garage of your choice. If you’re within a commutable distance to our state-of-the-art service centre, we encourage you to have all work carried out here. However, if not, please bear in mind the garage you choose must be VAT registered.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is designed to cover any financial shortfall you may face if your car is written off.

If your insurance writes your car off, they’ll only pay you what your car is worth on that day. And as it takes time for the worth of your car and the amount you owe to balance out, it could leave you owing more than your vehicle’s value.

That’s where GAP can help. If the worst should happen, it covers the difference your insurance payout and the balance remaining on your finance.

There are different forms of GAP insurance. Return to value is as described above and return to invoice takes the payout up to what you originally paid for the car.

It can take up to six weeks for your V5 to be returned from the DVLA, although it’s usually much sooner. Unfortunately, we have no say in how it takes for your V5 to return.

All of our vehicles are prepared to the highest standards. We complete a stringent 124-point inspection at our state-of-the-art service centre before putting any car on sale.

However, if you’re unhappy with your vehicle, please refer to our complaints process.

If you’re experiencing any problems and they fall under your valid warranty, contact Driver Car Warranty. Alternatively, providing your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you can visit your main dealer.

You can find out when your vehicle’s next MOT is next due, by visiting the .GOV website here:

Should the vehicle require a service in under six months or 6,000 miles, then we’ll conduct this prior to collection/delivery of your vehicle. If a service isn’t required, then a health check will be carried out instead.

Yes. There are different provisions in each finance agreement. It does differ in each agreement, however. So, to find out your options, contact your finance company or speak to one of our account managers.

If you go over your agreed annual mileage and you choose to hand the vehicle back at the end of your term, you’ll be charged an excess mileage fee according to the vehicle agreement you have in place.


We deliver directly to your door throughout the UK, including the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. Once you’ve completed your purchase, the logistics team will be in touch to organise an appropriate time for you.

Yes, we deliver across the UK, including Northern Ireland. We’ve been delivering vehicles to Northern Ireland for many years to thousands of happy customers.

From being accepted for finance and your used vehicle being delivered to your door, we aim for no more than 10 working days.

For new cars, it depends on the manufacturer and can take anywhere up to six months for delivery.

Yes, we deliver right across the UK. including the Isle Of Man.

It depends on what type of car you choose. If you lease a brand-new vehicle, the manufacturer will deliver the vehicle to you free of charge,

However, if your vehicle is used, we charge for delivery and the amount depends on where you live. Get in touch to find out how much it’ll cost you.

If your car is brand new, this will be delivered by the local manufacturer, rather than by us.

When you pick up or take delivery of your vehicle, you’ll need proof of identification, such as a passport or driver's licence. This is to make sure we deliver the car to the policyholder.

General Finance

We charge £39.99 as an admin fee to produce all relevant documentation and reserve the vehicle in your name.

Yes. All financial agreements require a credit check.

Initially, we’ll carry out a soft credit check which will have no negative impact on your credit score. It’ll allow both you and us to see which lender is best for you.

The amount you’re able to borrow depends on a couple of things. The first is your affordability - you have to be able to pay the monthly payments - and secondly, your credit score. The higher your affordability and credit score, usually, the more you can borrow.

But even if you have a bad credit score don’t worry. We have a team of in-house specialists who deal with less than perfect credit leasing.

Payment Limits

We can authorise payments of up to £50,000 on a debit card, if the transaction is made face to face on our premises using the chip and pin facility. We can only do this if the person making payment is the customer, their name is on the invoice, and they provide proof of original ID such as Driving License or Passport to verify this.

If you prefer to make a payment over the phone, we are able to carry out payments of up to £2,000 this way.

We do accept credit card payments of up to £2,000 in person or over the phone. Please note that we do not accept American Express cards.

You are able to make a payment of up to £2,000 in cash per vehicle purchased.

We do accept payments of any amount via electronic bank transfer, but these must be made from the same account. Please note that the balance must be fully clear in our account before we release the vehicle.