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We’ve leased a fair few Honda vehicles in our time, and the feedback we get is always excellent. Honda leasers love the dependability of their cars, and it’s become their staple over the years.

Honda’s philosophy drives the quality of their vehicles, and it’s clear to see why people love their cars so much:

The joys of buying – Honda wants its customers to enjoy buying their vehicles; there’s no point leaving with a car you hate!

The joys of selling – luckily for us, Honda wants us to enjoy selling their car as well, and we’re certainly passionate about providing Honda vehicles. 

The joys of creating – when people love their cars, it makes it much more fun to develop new vehicles for them.

Our customers love honda because of the range of vehicles they provide from various body specs, such as the quirky Jazz, sporty Civic and practical CRV. And if you’re looking for an electric car, we have the Honda e, too. We offer new and used Honda vehicles, so you can get a car that’s dependable and practical. Keep browsing to see our best Honda car lease deals and discover different types of leasing.

Types of Honda leasing
The Zero Commitment

The Zero Commitment

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Types of Honda Leasing

No deposit leasing

Leasing a Honda doesn’t have to come with upfront payments, as we allow you to avoid paying a deposit altogether. Use your money where you need it, and prevent any fees towards your finance for 30 days. Relax and save for your first payment without having to worry about an initial cost.

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Bad credit leasing

Honda isn’t only available to people with good credit; we offer bad credit deals for people who’ve suffered financial hardship. That can include anything from defaults, bad credit, IVAs and CCJs. And while we can’t guarantee acceptance, we work with specialist lenders that do their best to get you behind the wheel.

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In Stock Honda
Drive Away The Same Day!

If you spot something you love on our website, don’t delay and drive away on the same day. Our in stock vehicles are available right away; here’s how to get one:

Browse our range of vehicles online and find the one you love
Fill in the online enquiry form or ring us to speak to someone right away
Go through your application and provide the necessary paperwork
Once we confirm your lease, you can pick up your car from our showroom

If you’d prefer us to deliver your car, we can arrange to send it to any location in the UK for a small extra cost.

Honda leasing FAQs

Yes, Honda was founded in Japan, and its headquarters is in Tokyo. Japanese cars are well-known for being reliable and efficient.

Honda has numerous plants worldwide, including Pakistan, China, Argentina and Swindon in the UK.

Yes, Honda offers the C-RV in four-wheel drive, making them ideal for driving in difficult conditions

At present, there are no convertibles in the Honda range.

Yes, Honda cars consistently score well in consumer reports scores, which shows they’re reliable. They’re cheaper than high-range brands like Audi and BMW but will compare similarly to other brands like Ford and Nissan.

It all depends on what you want from the car; a Nissan Navara isn’t going to suit you if you live in an apartment complex in the middle of a big city. Consider your lifestyle and what type of car will help you live that lifestyle.

Honda cars are well-known for having plenty of longevity in them even after they’ve reached 100,000 miles. While you won’t lease a vehicle with that mileage on it, it’s good to know you’re renting a reliable car.

Honda is usually a little more expensive than Toyota, but Honda places more emphasis on performance, which can be seen in the Civic models.

Honda is most famous for building durable cars, but they’re also known for making safe and secure vehicles.

If you’re looking for a car that performs on the road, you should consider leasing the Civic Type-R, which is Honda’s fastest model.

Honda sets the standard for reliable, hard-working engines. Their engines are built with high-quality components designed for optimum performance in the harshest environments.