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Jaguar is the epitome of British motoring luxury. Founded in 1926 by two car enthusiasts, Jaguar’s first vehicle was a 2.5-litre sports saloon – which is hardly surprising even to this day. Fast forward nearly 100 years, and the brand has evolved, yet still provides the performance and style associated with their vehicles all those years ago.

If we look at Jaguar’s philosophy, it’s easy to see why they’re so highly revered:

Strive for excellence – Jaguar doesn’t scrimp and scrape when it comes to performance or aesthetics. But you’ll need to hear one purr when you start the engine up to make your mind up.

Integrity – there’s a reason Jaguar is considered one of the best British car manufacturers of modern times; their cars are honest, reliable and fun to drive. A simple approach that wins many plaudits.

When we look at Jaguar’s cars, this philosophy is evident, from the attractive and environmentally-friendly I-PACE to the sleek, executive XE. We offer new and used Jaguar vehicles so that you can get your dream car from the most elegant, exclusive car manufacturer in the UK. Browse our best Jaguar deals and learn more about what lease contracts we offer.

Types of Jaguar leasing
The Zero Commitment

The Zero Commitment

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Types of Jaguar Leasing

No deposit leasing

Leasing a Jaguar doesn’t have to come with upfront payments, as we allow you to avoid paying a deposit altogether. Use your money where you need it, and prevent any fees towards your finance for 30 days. Relax and save for your first payment without having to worry about an initial cost.

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Bad credit leasing

Jaguar isn’t only available to people with good credit; we offer bad credit deals for people who’ve suffered financial hardship. That can include anything from defaults, bad credit, IVAs and CCJs. And while we can’t guarantee acceptance, we work with specialist lenders that do their best to get you behind the wheel.

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In Stock Jaguar
Drive Away The Same Day!

If you spot something you love on our website, don’t delay and drive away on the same day. Our in stock vehicles are available right away; here’s how to get one:

Browse our range of vehicles online and find the one you love
Fill in the online enquiry form or ring us to speak to someone right away
Go through your application and provide the necessary paperwork
Once we confirm your lease, you can pick up your car from our showroom

If you’d prefer us to deliver your car, we can arrange to send it to any location in the UK for a small extra cost.

Jaguar leasing FAQs

Leasing a Jaguar is cheaper than buying one as you’re only paying for the car’s depreciation, not ownership. We have Jaguar lease deals from around £300 with no deposit.

Jaguars are well-made vehicles, but they can suffer problems just like any other car. To offer you extra security, we offer bespoke maintenance packages on all our vehicles, and we inspect and test all used vehicles before you receive them. We also provide a three-month complimentary warranty on all our vehicles, and you may get a manufacturer’s warranty if it’s still valid.

Like all new or nearly new cars, Jaguars lose a lot of their initial value in the first few years, which is why leasing is perfect when you want a luxury car. You don’t need to worry about resale value or what to do with the car when you own it because you can return it on a lease contract.

When it comes to durability, many factors affect how long a car lasts, such as how much you drive the car, how many repairs it needs, and what you use it for. When you lease a Jaguar, you remove the worry of durability because you hand the car back at the end of your contract.

Certain factors affect how much it costs to charge a Jaguar, such as the battery it uses, your electricity tariff and how you use it. Charging an electric vehicle is one of the key benefits of electric over petrol or diesel cars as the savings are significant.

A few Jaguar models come in around the £300-400 mark, like the XE and E-PACE.

Coventry and Birmingham have been at the helm of British manufacturing excellence since the Industrial Revolution, and that’s where Jaguar cars are made.

The Jaguar F-TYPE R 0-60 time comes in at an astounding 3.5 seconds.