Vauxhall Corsa Review

Vauxhall have a fantastic reputation for making well built, reliable and long lasting vehicles. One of these being the unforgettable and long standing Vauxhall Corsa. Most reviews are well balanced and suggest a great value for money vehicle that since the facelift has become more practical for the average family.

What Car said ‘It’s spacious and well-priced, and most versions are generously equipped as standard’. There’s a broad range of engines, including a refined and efficient three-cylinder petrol’. And they couldn’t be more right.

There are so many different models of the Corsa that you definitely won’t be stuck for choice and you’ll certainly find whatever it is you are looking for here on a no deposit car lease term.

From the exterior the Corsa stands stylish and sleek thanks to its new upgrades such as a new nose and lights and a low set grille. Although the 2013 plate Corsa still has the same door pillars and glass area as its predecessor, this isn’t a problem as it still looks as fresh and modern.

Whether you opt for the 5dr or 3dr, you will certainly find the interior of the Corsa light, airy and extremely spacious. Most of the new shape Vauxhalls go for substance over expense which suits the target market perfectly. We know the Corsa isn’t the most expensive feeling of cars inside, it is very neat and materials are a high quality but they don’t have the wow factor the top end manufacturers such as Land Rover provide, but then again that is to be expected. If practicality is something that you’re looking for then the Corsa could be the perfect option. With plenty of head, leg and boot space practicality doesn’t seem to be an issue for the vast majority.

The Corsa comes in many different size engines from the 1 litre to the 1.4 litre and beyond in the VXR models so whether you’re looking for something very powerful, not so powerful or just economic you can find it in the Corsa range.

Driving the Corsa is easy as it’s the perfect size for parking, reversing and general commuting. There’s little noise from the engine when you’re inside of the cabin which gives you the chance to take in the radio or conversation without being too disturbed by external noise.

Vauxhall have studied the suspension of the Corsa and also the steering meaning it is better than ever and even on the largest bumps it doesn’t feel harsh. It’s the perfect car for driving on either the motorway or country roads, but the diesel engine means the Corsa performs more efficiently on longer journeys.

So, not only does the Corsa look great and drive fantastic, it is also easy on the pocket which is good news for anyone on a budget. It’s both economical and efficient meaning you save on running costs too.

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