BMW 3 Series Review

BMW’s are one of the most popular go-to cars for if you’re looking to drive with some style and master that slick look. The German company are known for making the most prestigious and luxury cars on the roads today, including the small selection of supercars and the various amounts of everyday cars. There are a range of pcp deals available for BMW’s, so check them out.

All BMW’s have features which make them unique as individuals, with each model being truly outstanding in different departments. So, what’s so good about the BMW 3 Series?

Drive & Performance

The BMW 3 Series is generous when it comes to the selection of engines available as there are a range of petrol and diesel engines. The 1.5 three-cylinder petrol engine is pretty decent in the 318i model but even better in the 320i model, especially if you’re looking for more stable drive. In comparison to the petrol engines, the diesels rank higher, especially in the 318d and the 320d models. If you’re going to be travelling short distances, stick to the 320e as it’s a combination of an electric motor and a battery pack.
There are many ways that helps to make your beamer look better than it does, but make sure you stick to the smaller wheels as they offer the best drive possible. But, if the drive doesn’t meet your expectations, there’s an optional suspension package ‘Adaptive M Sport’ which aims to make the ride truly amazing – who knew it could get better?
Overall, the drive of the BMW 3 Series is sophisticated, capable and enjoyable. The only thing negative is the steering, which has complaints of being too heavy, but nothing BMW can’t fix.


BMW have done well in creating a popular executive saloon, which competes with the likes of the Jaguar XE and the Audi A3. It’s the perfect car for that ‘slick’ and ‘stylish’ look, which features the very famous front grille and the large LED headlights. As well as this, the exhaust on the updated model is now bigger than ever, adding to that powerful look the 3 Series is aiming for.

Cabin & Style

Inside every BMW are a range of high quality materials in order to make the cabin as up-market as possible. The 3 Series doesn’t fail when it comes to the interior, as everything is up to the highest standard. Adjustable seating is featured along with an adjustable steering wheel, which gives the driver a pretty perfect driving position which is difficult to achieve in the majority of cars.

The infotainment system is more generous than ever as it features a range of high-tech equipment including the BMW iDrive system which is best on the market, really upping BMW’s game. The touchscreen is easy to navigate especially when you’re driving and is in reach, with clear buttons and it’s responsive.
Visibility is a common issue with BMW’s, as the rear pillars are rather thick and block the view. But, rear parking sensors are featured in order to help this problem so reversing isn’t as much of an issue. Front parking sensors are also available.


Overall, the BMW 3 Series is a great car to get your hands on. If you love all things fancy, you will not be disappointed with this saloon, as it’s designed with the finest materials and makes you feel like royalty when you’re sat behind the wheel.
As well as looking great, the 3 Series is a classy drive and is able to take anything on with confidence. Check out some of the best car leasing deals for BMW ‘s and drive the BMW 3 Series for less per month.