Fiat 500 Review

If it’s a little stylish city car you’re looking for, then the Fiat 500 will definitely do you proud for plenty of reasons – but there are always some negatives. For such a small car, it does do its job pretty well which makes it easily one of the best car lease deals available. Personal car leasing deals are available for the Fiat 500, along with a range of different deals in order to suit you.

Performance & Drive

The Fiat 500 gives you a choice of two different engines which are the 1.2 litre and the 0.9 litre. The 1.2 litre is the entry level and quite frankly the best out of the two as it’s smoother and offers a good drive compared to the 0.9 litre engine. The Fiat 500 offers light steering and a tiny body, in which you’re able to drive pretty well through the city as you can swerve in and out of queues a lot easier. There is a ‘city’ button available which makes the steering even lighter – this is pretty handy if you’re always in busy places rather than quiet countryside’s. Unfortunately, the suspension of the Fiat 500 does let the drive down as it’s not too great, for example going over potholes does shake the car quite drastically but this is the only negative.


If you love the retro style when it comes to cars, the 500 should definitely wow you as it’s got an old-fashion vibe to it throughout the whole of the car, giving its unique look. The Fiat 500 has been designed to be the best little city car on the road and with its small dimensions, it definitely does the trick. In terms of practicality, it’s up there at the top of the list compared to other hatchbacks as you’re able to park in a lot more spaces than you would with a larger build. Overall, the design of the Fiat 500 is a lot funkier and attractive than other city cars – easily one of the best looking.

Cabin & Style

Within the Fiat 500, you get the choice of a few different trims including the Pop, Pop Star and Lounge with the Lounge being the most advanced and therefore the most expensive. With whichever trim you decide is the best for you, they’re all colour co-ordinated with the exterior colour of the car which makes it extremely desirable and attractive. Of course, the interior is just as retro as the exterior design, this includes the dashboard as well as the overall look of the seats and cabin on a whole. The infotainment is pretty standard and features the Uconnect system which controls the radio and the CD player, along with a coloured screen, menu buttons, aux input and a USB port. On higher spec trims, Bluetooth and a DAB radio are available along with a Sat-nav TomTom system. The only problem with the interior is that some of the plastics do feel a little cheap but apart from that, the material choices are spot on.


Overall, the Fiat 500 is quite a handy little car – especially in crowded places like the city. Because of the 500 being such a popular and wanted car, the depreciation is slow which is always a huge pro and shows it’s a great value for money. There are a good variety of trims to choose from as well as being able to personalize your Fiat 500 in order to get that unique look so you stand out from the crowd. Finally, there are a good amount of safety available, this includes seven airbags on every model along with stability control to stop any sliding in any weather.