Ford Kuga: The perfect family car

Ford are known for producing the most popular cars on the road, with award-winning models such as the Ford Fiesta. Each model is affordable and features all of the basics, along with additional extras in order to make the journey enjoyable. The new Ford Kuga has had quite a few changes made to it and is now the safe and practical SUV which you can drive with confidence. The drive, the performance, the interior and exterior – is it all up to Ford’s normal standard or have they let themselves down?

The Ford Kuga may be a large SUV, but there are cheap car leasing deals available, along with bad credit deals. There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to Ford.

Performance & Drive

First of all, there are mixed opinions regarding the drive of the new Ford Kuga – some say it’s better, some say it’s worse, but it’s all down to your own personal preference. There are a lot of positives in terms of the drive the Kuga offers, but it does have its fair share of negatives.
The Ford Kuga offers a couple of engines, in which the 2.0-litre diesel is the most popular choice for customers with it being a lot more efficient than before, but there is also a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine available.
If you tow on a regular basis, the Ford Kuga’s four-wheel drive should be at the top of your list as it has a limit of 2100kg, rather than the 1800kg limit on the front-wheel drive model.

In terms of the actual drive, the Ford Kuga is a lot more sophisticated than we ever thought. Speed bumps and other lumps in the road often cause the majority of cars to be left unsettled, but not the Kuga, as it takes them on with ease. The first weakness of the Kuga is tackling rough road surfaces, as it becomes a little bit on edge. Luckily, if you want to try and prevent this, opt for the smaller wheels. The steering is yet another strong point of the Kuga, as it’s light making tough manoeuvres easier to do, especially parking.

Cabin & Style

– Zetec
– Titanium
– Titanium Sport
– Titanium X
– Titanium X Sport

The Ford Kuga isn’t too bad when it comes to its interior features. The driving position is pretty great as you’re able to adjust both the steering wheel, the driver’s seat and even the headrest can be tilted. There are a couple of trims which offer a couple of extras, such as the Titanium which offers more support and the Titanium X which offers 10-way adjustable electric seats.
The lay-out of the dashboard varies from trim to trim, for example, the Zetec’s layout is arranged in two neat rows, assisted by a 3.5-inch screen. You’ll find that the higher the trim, the fiddlier the buttons get, as they become smaller and therefore harder to use. A DAB digital radio, Bluetooth connection, a multi-function steering wheel and voice control are all available as standard, so you could say that the Kuga is generous in this area. You’re able to add rear parking sensors to your system, which comes in handy in terms of the Kuga’s visibility as the large rear pillars make it harder to reverse. There’s also an automatic parking system which aims to help you park – if a space is big enough, it’ll steer and park up for you.


The space offered within the Ford Kuga is large compared to its rivals, especially in the front. Both the driver and passenger seats slide back further than ever before, so leg room will never be an issue. The rear space is pretty good too, as 2 tall adults are able to fit comfortably with no struggle in the back and leg and head room isn’t restricted, unfortunately, there isn’t a good amount of leg space for the middle seat though.

The storage compartments which are available are more than enough, as there are 2x500ml cup holders below the gearstick, along with deep storage compartments in the doors. The boot space is average, as its 456-litres deep, but this is nothing compared to its rivals.


So, to answer the question which was first asked – is the Ford Kuga the perfect family car? Yes, it’s definitely capable. From offering a stable drive with a good performance to a well-built, spacious cabin full of the basic entertainment, what more is there to want? There are a range of personal car leasing deals available, so the Ford Kuga doesn’t have to be a dream, it can become a reality.