Review: The ultimate city car

Fancy getting yourself a new car for the New Year? One car you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is the Skoda Citigo. The Citigo is a nifty little city car, and is the perfect choice for people on the go, who need a nippy vehicle to get them from A to B. Although it’s a relatively small car, the Citigo is still highly practical and reliable. It has low running costs too, so you won’t have to break the bank after all the Christmas spending. This refreshing city car has a truly vibrant style that stands out from the crowd, much like the Fiat 500 or Mini Cooper. It may not be the smoothest or most refine drive, but the Citigo is still one of the best city cars of the year.

There are only two engines available to choose from with the Citigo, and they’re both petrol options. Both engines are 1 litre and offer 59bhp or 74bhp. They make for surprisingly nippy engines, and perform best when zipping around town. When it comes to steep hills and motorways, the Citigo does struggle a fair bit. So if your regular commute takes you out onto the motorway, we’d recommend the 74bhp engine. As for city driving however, the Citigo takes it all in its stride, confidently tackling bumps, potholes, and any other obstacles the urban environment might throw at it. On top of this, the steering is precise and weighted nicely, with great body control. This gives drivers great confidence when in the car, and makes it a joy to drive.

Although the interior quality may not be the best in its class, you’ll still get an adequate amount of quality if you go for one of the higher trims. The dashboard does feel plain, but on the plus side this makes it very simple to use. You can even get the option of an easy-to-use infotainment system to slot into the dashboard. Space wise, there’s all the room you need up front with the driver, and even when you’re sat in the back there’s enough room for two adults to sit comfortably. There’s a good-sized boot to match too, even if the lip is a bit high. If you want easier access to the back seats, then we’d recommend going for the 5-door model.

When it comes to tech and spec, the Citigo is actually quite impressive. There are plenty of safety features in place as standard, such as airbags, deadlocks, an immobiliser, and a sophisticated braking system which automatically applies the brakes in stop-start traffic if it senses an imminent collision. These great features are what earned the Citigo the maximum 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. As for other equipment available, there are 3 trim levels in total you can choose from. The most basic trim level will get you power steering and a CD player. The next level up offers air-con, electric windows and central locking, and the highest trim level provides alloy wheels, heated seats, Bluetooth and an infotainment screen.

Overall, the Skoda Citigo is a fun and reliable city vehicle, and is one of the best cheap lease cars available. If you’re interested in leasing the Citigo but are unsure about your credit history, don’t fret, because bad credit car leasing is available for the Citigo too.