Seat Leon 2.0 Hatchback Review


If you’re looking for a sporty styles car with plenty of space and new technology, then the Seat Leon may be the car for you. The Leon has recently been a popular choice for private car leasing too. Customers may be more drawn to this version that the first Leon because it is available in both the three-door and five-door (although we’re reviewing the five-door hatchback). In addition, it is more visually appealing, powerful, and technologically advanced, making it much more efficient than the previous Leon hatchback.


The Leon is an easy drive, with well weighted steering that gives the driver good handling which smoothly gets you to your destination. The ride is firm yet flexible on poor roads, and eases over potholes and other road inconveniences. The 2 litre diesel engine is a beast that can surge up to 1500 RMP with ease. However, a downside to this is that the engine can be quite loud when revving hard. Aside from that, the car rides well with a six speed gearbox. This improves the vehicle’s performance, as you’re able to increase acceleration at higher speeds with the narrowest sixth gear.


The Leon comes with an integrated easy-to-use, touchscreen satellite navigation, along with Bluetooth to hook your phone up to. When your phone is connected to the Sat Nav, it can also play any videos you decide to watch. Cruise control enables the driver to maintain a constant speed of their choice, without the using the cars accelerator pedal, which is incredibly helpful whilst driving on the motorway. Also, there’s no more arguing over the cars Aircon or heating, as the Leon 2.0 comes with dual zone climate control, so the driver and passenger can set the temperature for their own area. This way everyone is happy!


For starters, the Leon is well-known for being a reliable car, and is rated above average with Whatcar giving the Leon 5/5 stars for safety and security. The standard purchase is 60,000 miles, with a three-year long warranty. Each vehicle has 7 airbags installed along with stability control, an emergency brake assist, and a system that monitors the tyre pressure. In case of an accident, there is a front head restraint that helps to minimize whiplash in the event of crash.

With UK car leasing becoming more popular than ever, now is a great time to consider leasing the Leon 2.0.