Hyundai i30 Review

With the sheer amount of car choice around nowadays manufacturers have really had to up their game in order to make an impact. Hyundai are the fourth biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world and their manufacturing facilities in South Korea has the potential so produce over 1.6 million units a year. The giant manufacturer began production of the I30 in 2007, it is also a similar vehicle to the Kia Cee’d, which is part of the Hyundai group.

There are so many five door hatchbacks out there that all offer very similar and some different things so it’s up to you to choose the correct car for your needs.

The Hyundai i30 is definitely one of the better looking cars in its class and the I series from Hyundai is catching on in the UK.

What Car said ‘The cabin is spacious, classy-looking and well-finished, while the diesel engines are frugal and relatively smooth. The Hyundai i30 rides well, and the standard spec is generous’.

Whether you opt for the 3dr or 5dr of the Hyundai i30 you’ll find the styling of both as equally stylish. He 13 plate i30 receives a new front end along with improved proportions so is looking finer than ever. Some of the models are particularly sporty too with alloy wheels and tinted windows. Although the interior of the i30 isn’t quite as exciting as the Volkswagen Golf it is nice and build quality is impressive. The quality materials and silver trim used around the centre console however do give the cabin a more expensive finish.

The Hyundai i30 comes completed with air-conditioning, electric front windows, power steering, Bluetooth, airbags, electric and heated mirrors and a CD player with MP3 and iPod connectivity.

You’re guaranteed a comfortable, smooth and easy ride In the Hyundai i30 if it’s not particularly exciting. You’ll find it sticks to the road very well even on the windiest of roads and even when travelling on the roughest of roads, potholes are easily absorbed. The i30 would be perfect for those of you doing longer journeys to work and you’ll see it can reach motorway speeds with no difficulty.

Obviously, if you’re looking for something a little more powerful the 1.6l diesel engine would be the perfect choice. Otherwise we’d opt for the 1.4 petrol engine. Whichever you go for you’ll find both are economical, efficient and have quite a bite out of the blocks.

Hyundai have grown in popularity throughout the UK since the early 90’s when the Hyundai Coupe was a rarity on the roads. Now, with more models added to their portfolio and trust at an all time high with the quality of the brand, the sales have soared. Euro NCAP awarded the i30 a fantastic five star crash test rating which means it is most definitely safe.

Although the i30 isn’t the largest of vehicles the cabin is very spacious thanks to deep door bins, large glove box and lidded cubby in between the front seats. Even with three adults on the rear bench it doesn’t feel squashed and uncomfortable.

A fantastic cheap car leasing option all in all and on a personal car lease basis you could be looking at paying just £184.78 per month including VAT for a 1.4l petrol 13 plate Hyundai i30 with no deposit whatsoever.