Toyota Aygo Review

The Toyota Aygo is a fantastic city car and is one of the best car lease deals if you’re looking for something cheap to run and easy to drive.

The Aygo’s small dimensions makes it great for darting through traffic and parking in difficult spots; it’s also incredibly cheap to run and tax, so it’s competitively priced against other cars in its class. If you’re looking to save even more money on the Aygo, then you can always consider no deposit car leasing as a way to do so.


The Aygo tends to be a bit bumpy on uneven road surfaces, but still manages to hold itself well over bigger bumps in the road such as potholes. The steering is quite heavy, which means that you might struggle with tighter turns on the road. However, this doesn’t stop the Aygo from being superb at pushing through those faster corners. The good news is that the body movements are controlled, especially on twisting roads. Overall, the Aygo is a fun and easy car to drive, even more so through urban environments.


Most Aygos are relatively well-priced, but you can save money (without sacrificing too much spec) by going for one of the mid-range trims. When it comes to running costs, the Aygo has impressively low ones. As well as being cheap to run and fuel, the low CO2 emissions (less than 100g/km) mean that the tax bills are minimal also.


If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and comfortable, then you should definitely opt for one of the mid-range trims rather than the entry model. This means that you’ll get a bit more adjustment inside with regards to the wheel and seat, although they only adjust for height. As for the rest of the interior, the dashboard in newer models is easy to use and has a nice, gloss-black finish. Generally the interior looks quite stylish, and is only let down by some of the plastics, which feel a little cheap.


For anyone sitting in the front of the car, there will be plenty of space. However, things start to get a bit cramped in the backseat, so it’s not recommended for adults on longer journeys. Unfortunately the boot is quite small too, so the Aygo won’t be the best choice for you if you’re constantly carrying a large amount of luggage or passengers.


The entry models of the Aygo only come with electric front windows and USB/Aux ports, so it’s definitely recommended to get one of the higher trims if you want more features. If you do decide to opt for more specs, you’ll have the option of many extras such as: air conditioning, Bluetooth, a leather steering wheel with audio controls, DAB radio, a reversing camera and more.

However, keep in mind that the higher-end features can add up to be quite pricey.