Best city cars to lease

All of the best city cars are designed with narrow streets, tricky parking and winding roads in mind. So it helps to have a car that isn’t too bulky and one that has low running costs. That way you can zip around quickly, without having to worry about extortionate costs or sacrificing any comfort. So if you live and work in the city, then a city car would be best for you. We’ve had a look at the best city cars on offer, all of which make fantastic cheap car leasing options. And bad credit car leasing needn’t be an issue for you, because with Zero Deposit we can help you regardless of your credit situation. So choosing a city car to lease has never been easier.

Hyundai i10 hatchback

The i10 won Carbuyer Car of the Year for 2014 [] and also collected Best City Car in the process, so it makes for an excellent city car. A good looking vehicle that’s also cheap to run, so you won’t have to worry about cost. If you can get the BlueDrive model, the car will give you 65 mpg and only 98g/km CO2, which makes this car eligible for tax exemption. A great car if you want to save some money! An added bonus is that it’s very spacious on the inside too. Quiet and practical, it also has firm suspension for minimal body roll and a supple ride.

Skoda Citigo

A very appealing car, and incredibly fun to drive! If you get a Greentech version, then you could save yourself even more money, with 68.9 mpg and low CO2 emissions of 95g/km. Also if you find yourself doing short trips and need a lot of space to haul stuff around then this is the car for you. The interior is impressive and the boot has loads of space. A very practical option. It tackles urban obstacles well, with precise light steering and very good body control on corners. Probably one of the best city cars if you want good value for your money.

Volkswagen up

The Up! Is incredibly quirky, and arguably one of the more stylish city cars on offer. With great quality parts from Volkswagen, the Up! Is reactive and full of pep. This comfortable and spacious car is reliable and won’t set you back much cash, as the running costs are incredibly low. Funky, economical and roomy, this really is a top city car. One of its main virtues is the supple ride it offers, which handles road perfections incredibly well. It also has great economy, especially if you get the BlueTech version.

Renault Twingo

The Twingo gives drivers a whole new take on city cars with its engine in the boot. The boxy and quirky style of the car makes it super easy to park, great for when you’re winding through the city and are desperately looking for parking spaces. The Twingo also has surprisingly impressive rear-passenger space, an area in which a lot of other city cars are lacking. The entry level 1.0-litre Twingo engine returns 62.8 mpg and emits 105 g/km CO2 so it falls into tax band A, only costing £20 in road tax in the first year. Cheap and spacious!

Fiat 500

This bright retro car is a great leasing option and has been a fantastic success in the UK. If you thought the exterior was stylish, wait until you see the inside. Well thought-out and delightfully retro, the interior has a very 1950s feel. The dashboard is also wonderfully laid out. There’s a good amount of space for the front passenger and driver, but a bit smaller in the back. So it may not be the best if you regularly carry passengers in the back. A car guaranteed to turn heads in the city, you’ll get the best performance from the 500 when picking your way through urban streets.