5 perfect birthday gifts for petrol heads

So you want to buy your other half a birthday present that he or she will actually use. Sometimes getting the information out of them as to what they actually want is like pulling teeth but it doesn’t have to be hard with our selection of the best birthday presents for the driver in your life.

Clean car, clean mind

Yes, they can take their car to the local car wash but anyone who has cleaned their own car with the right stuff will know how much dirt you can shift and how much you can make your car sparkle. This all depends on having the right materials however and Autoglym are a UK company that just gets things right when it comes to great car cleaning kits.

You can’t go wrong with the Collection- Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interiors kit that you can get direct from the manufacturer or alternatively on Amazon which will set you back between u00a350 and u00a360.

Let the professionals do the work

If you want your partner to grin from ear to ear, get them a professional clean or detail from a local car detailer who is accredited and whose work has been reviewed. You can look at websites such as Pro-Valets to find a car detailer and get a quote ranging from a professional wash and dry through to a perfect gift, a full detail for the birthday boy or girls car.

Glare gone!

Does your partner drive a fair amount at night or in the late evening? If so, they have probably considered night glasses but, do they really work? There are so many ugly night-driving glasses out there that sometimes it seems like the suppliers have found the cheapest and ugliest glasses and simply stuck a yellow film on the lenses. If you get a quality pair however, they can make all the difference for those that drive at night and this great driving kit reduces dazzling, headaches and fatigue.

Try Lumin Vector night glasses available in 2 sizes with solid reviews on Amazon and an excellent piece of driving kit. They will set you back around u00a340 and not only do the job but also look good.

If the shoe fits

Driving shoes are not for everyone but if the man in your life has requested driving shoes then look no further than the driving range from another famous British manufacturer, Loake Shoes. There are a number of driving focused shoes available but the Loake Donnington is particularly natty and bound to be a hit though you will have to shell out over u00a3100 to secure them.

Tidy time

A car organiser may seem like a mundane gift but if you have a practical gift in mind that is sure to be used for many years to come then this excellent value car organiser from Drive Auto Products is bound to impress. It’s got loads of handy storage compartments which will take everything from your mobile phone to coffee flasks and larger items that you don’t want floating around in your cabin or boot. It folds down and is also securable to seats or alternatively to hooks in your boot for extra safety when on the go or during the next extended road trip.

Back to the future

Ok, back lumbar support might be a bridge too far but the fact is that if your partner goes on long trips and has back issues or even just a bit of a stiff back now and again then they should prefer this Supportiback posture memory cushion to another paperback and a box of chocolates. Not exactly romantic but you can always get the chocolates and book as well!

Not just a normal phone holder

So your significant other has a state of the art smartphone, wireless charger and a case to match. Get in the car however and it’s a different story where the phone finds alternative homes around the dash or perhaps in an inexpensive suction cup holder or air vent holder or, misery of things, a magnetic holder that either falls off the dash at the slightest movement or prevents your smartphone from wirelessly charging.

He or she needs a professional phone holder. Is there even such a thing? Yes there is, and how you will know is that the manufacturer will take the time to find out what vehicle you have and supply exactly the appropriate piece of kit that will clip into a suitable recess on your specific car. Try the Brodit website for excellent service, a clip that works for your phoneu2026and for your caru2026you won’t go back!

Where are the keys!

If you have ever heard the words, u201cwhere did you put my keysu201d you probably are attached to a partner who not only loses their keys but blames you for doing so! Banish lost keys forever with the Tile Mate which uses Bluetooth to ensure they won’t lose their keys again. This great gift idea will also help you find your phone if you lose it and for u00a320 it’s the kind of item that no one buys for themselves but everyone loves when you give it as a present. You can even buy a few as a gift set to go on things like suitcases or laptops greatly increasing the chances of finding the stuff that’s precious to them.

Birthdays can be a nightmare for picking presents that people actually want and even harder when its someone special to you. If your partner drives and enjoys having the right equipment and taking care of their car then proven driving gear is sure to be a hit when present time comes round, be it as a Christmas gift or birthday presentu2026 happy giving!