Four best luxury SUVs to lease

Not all SUVs are created equal. If you’re in the market to lease one, you might be considering a luxury version, for that all-round smoother and posher drive. 

We think this is a great idea. You’re in your car a lot. You might as well love it.

But just because a car is labelled or considered luxury doesn’t mean it actually is, and, as with all car types, there are good and bad SUVs.

To help you decide on a make and model, we’ve pulled together a list of the best luxury SUVs to lease.

1.  Audi Q7

Those of you wanting luxury need look no further than the Audi Q7. It’s hardly surprising, since Audi has a reputation for luxury, and they’re desperate to maintain it.

The Q7 is relaxing to drive, comfortable to sit in, and relatively efficient to run. You won’t be wanting for space – this car seats seven in extreme comfort – but it doesn’t feel like a big car to drive. It has the reflexes of a much smaller, sturdier vehicle, which means you get the absolute best of both worlds.

Four Best Luxury SUVs To Lease - Audi Q7

If you’re looking for a sporty ride then this might not be the car for you, though, as it was designed with comfort in mind – unless you’re willing to step up to the top-of-the-range SQ7 spec. 

But despite its comfortable ride. it’s still agile, especially when compared with SUVs from BMW and Land Rover. 

Audi Q7 2

It’s lean for a five-metre vehicle, and the suspension and grip mean it stays that way whether you’re zipping through city streets, speeding along on the motorway or even heading off the beaten track.

The pedals, steering wheel and seats are all positioned well, and there’s an additional footrest to help with driving posture.

The Audi Q7 comes with a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox that’s easy to navigate across all spec levels, of which there are 13 models to choose from, ranging from the ‘entry-level’ Q7 sport, all the way up to the SQ7 Vorsprung – with a plug-in hybrid option also available. 

Good for

Anyone who wants a comfortable luxury SUV built with practicality in mind. You might have to watch out for the climate control panels, which are reasonably fiddly to use, but everything else in this sterling vehicle was designed to make driving a big car easier than ever before.

2.  Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is huge inside, so if you’re looking for space, this is the vehicle for you. It’s also bursting with technology, and, when it comes to interior design, it’s close to the top of the class.

Land Rovers are of course known for their off-roading capabilities, so if you want a car that can do almost anything you ask, it’s one for your serious consideration.

Land Rover Discovery

Since its release in the late 1980s, the Land Rover Discovery has been known as a luxury SUV. The latest model is bigger than the Discovery Sport and country-looking Defender. It’s only beaten in size by the Range Rover Sport.

Engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and the vehicle is responsive to speed changes.

Land Rover Discovery 2

If you’re looking to tow, the P300 version of the Land Rover Discovery is legally allowed to pull 3,000kg. Other models can tow a whopping 3,500kg total.

It’s not as comfortable to drive as the Audi Q7, but that isn’t really its purpose. Land Rovers, whilst still comfortable, are not designed for ultimate comfort levels. That’s never been their aim.

You might think it would be sporty, but it isn’t really that, either. It’s great around corners and has that traditional slow steering. 

It’s more geared towards careful and considered off-roading, the way a good Land Rover should be. If you’re looking for a large, luxurious, comfortable drive, you need to think seriously about a Range Rover, instead.

But in the Discovery, you’ll be sitting high, which is great for driving posture, and the seat is comfortable and easy to navigate. The steering wheel is also a great little adjuster, so you’ll always find a driving position that makes you feel comfortable.

The dashboard is attractive and easy to use, and the digital display is clear and informative.

The Land Rover’s traditional large windows mean you’ll have a great peripheral view, so you shouldn’t struggle to navigate it through narrow streets and tight country lanes.

Good for 

Land Rover lovers. The newest range of old favourites doesn’t disappoint, offering you absolutely everything you’d expect from a Land Rover Discovery and more.

3.  BMW X6

This car doesn’t look like a typical SUV, but it most definitely is one. Its interior spaciousness might take you by surprise, so don’t be put off test driving one on the basis that you assume it will be too small.


A blend of function and form, the BMW X6 divides opinion, because it partners an SUV body with a sleek, sloping roofline. It’s perfect for those of you who want an SUV that doesn’t necessarily look like an SUV.

Even tall adults will have more than enough room, and it has a wealth of storage space, particularly in the front. As long as you forfeit the Sky Lounge panoramic sunroof, you’ll have plenty of room overhead, too. 

BMW X6 2

If you have particularly long legs, you might struggle a little bit, but you’d need exceptional proportions.

The sloping roof means that the boot gets a little bit narrow, so do prepare yourself for a little bit less capacity for luggage than traditional SUVs.

Mechanically, there isn’t much that differentiates the X6 from the X5, but the look and feel of the car is entirely different. 

It’s a smooth cruise, though a little noisy. The gearbox responds well to adjustments in speeds, though it’s a much smoother ride at high speeds than it is in the stop-start environment common in city driving. Its agility means it’s a comfortable and fun vehicle to drive.

Good for

People who want an SUV that doesn’t look like a traditional SUV, or anyone who is looking for an incredible infotainment system.

4.  Mercedes-Benz GLS

An incredible 5.2 metres long and two metres wide, the Mercedes GLS is the beast of the SUV family. 

Mercedes-Benz GLS

It seats seven people in absolute comfort and is the best car for you if you’re looking for ultimate luxury.

Whatever trim you choose, you’ll get a nine-speed automatic gearbox, four-wheel-drive, air suspension, as well as an incredible finish to the interior, so you’ll most certainly feel like you’re driving a luxury SUV.

This is a heavy car, but it’s excellent at building speed, with smooth shifts in gear most of the time. It copes well with snow and rocky terrain, so you won’t have to worry wherever you’re driving either.

Mercedes-Benz GLS 2

As with most SUVs, you’ll sit high. That’ll give you a great panoramic view. You’ll also get an extremely interactive and attractive infotainment system, which works using voice control.

The GLS is available in three model variants, starting with the AMG Line Premium and going up to the AMG Line Premium Plus Executive, which features monstrous 23-inch wheels, exquisite Nappa leather surrounds and back-seat wireless charging. 

Good for

People who want a really big, luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles.