Four best SUVs to lease under £400

Looking for a snazzy SUV and have a budget of up to £400? Well, you’re in luck. For that price, you’ve got a variety of SUV models to choose from, each with some fabulous specs. 

SUVs are very trendy at the moment. Even young people are steering away from traditionally smaller, sporty-looking cars in favour of these durable favourites. 

They’re built to be practical, safe, fuel-efficient, robust, and with towing capabilities in mind. An increase in the desire to holiday in this country through the use of caravans or other motorhome type vehicles means more people than ever are opting for SUVs. 

And with such high demand, we thought we’d highlight the four best SUVs to lease under £400. 

1. Mini Countryman

Surprise number one. You might not think of the Mini as an SUV, but the Countryman classes as a small SUV, and what a delight that is for anyone who loves this type of car. 

Even more appealing is the fact that you can lease a 5 door sport version of this car for just £299 a month. 

The bang you get for your buck here is magnificent. The Mini Countryman is, by all accounts, a trendy city car pretending to be a country kid. Its sleek good looks come with a range of personalisation options, so you can make it 100% your own. 

We think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised by how much space you get in this vehicle. It’s massive compared to other Mini cars, with ample luggage capacity accessible through barn doors at the back.

You can choose from a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, though the one we’re discussing here is an automatic petrol. 

It isn’t the most comfortable SUV, but that isn’t really what Minis are about. As we’ve already mentioned above, Mini is all about sleek city style, so you probably wouldn’t be driving this super long distances. 

The steering is quick with hardly any lean, so you’ll feel like you’re in control when you take corners. The gearbox is easy and comfortable to use.

This is an SUV, but it’s a small one. You’re not going to feel high off the ground like you would with a Land Rover. The seat is comfortable and offers lots of support, and digital dials behind the wheel are well-positioned and easy to read. 

Soft-touch, high-quality plastics are everywhere, and the cheap stuff is out of sight, making this a very plush and impressive interior. 

Overall, the Mini Countryman is a trendy car for anyone looking to lease an SUV under £400. 

2.   Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is the perfect SUV to lease if you have a family, because it can seat everyone in relative luxury. It feeds the gap between smaller and bigger Audi SUVs, but holds its own as an excellent car for those of you who don’t need a Q7 or Q8 but want more than the Q2 or Q3.

At the moment the Q5 is only available in petrol and diesel, but Audi has never been one to be left behind, and there’s talk of joining the electrical revolution by introducing a hybrid later down the line.  

There’s four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. The suspension is good and relatively comfortable. 

Driving around bends presents a very small lean, and you’ll feel in control at all times, which is important if you’re using it for a family car. 

The Q5 is also a quiet car on long journeys, so if you need something you can drive a real distance in, this is the SUV for you. The engine is smooth and the gearbox is even smoother; it glides seamlessly from one to another with barely a whisper. 

Steering wheels and drivers seats are adjustable for height in all models, so even the tallest will be comfortable.

Large mirrors and a big windscreen give you an excellent view of the road ahead and everything else around you. LED lights come as standard, giving you an equally good view of the road at night. 

When it comes to interior design, nobody does it like Audi. Interior features are satisfying to touch and robust. This is a car you’ll enjoy driving over and over and over again. 

3.   Land Rover Discovery Sport

(Might be worth editing the Disco Sport video we did for Zero – let me know what you think – speak to F first) 

We know what you’re thinking? A Land Rover lease between £300 and £400? Well, yes!

If you’re looking for true SUV style and sense, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is the car for you. 

All versions come with front and rear parking sensors and a surround-view camera. You’ll also get LED lights whatever spec you choose, and the inside is full of expensive feeling materials. 

It’s a little bit of a bumpy ride, but the Land Rover was built for off-roading, and it excels here. Motorway driving is comfortable, even at long distances.

However, this isn’t an agile car, but that isn’t really the point. Land Rovers are proud, big and bulky vehicles you could drive through a fence if you needed to. 

Most people who love them are glad they stick to those roots, as that’s what’s expected from a Land Rover. If you want something fancier, there’s always the Range Rover. 

Inside the Disco Sport, you also won’t be surprised to hear that there’s ample space. The headroom available is second to none, so if you enjoy that lofty SUV drive, the Land Rover Discovery should be a serious contender for you. 

Door boxes and glove boxes are huge, and there’s a large amount of legroom in the back. There’s a lot of boot room, too – unless you have all seven seats in use. But you can’t have everything!

This is the perfect car for anyone who wants a real country-looking, traditional feeling SUV.

4.   Peugeot 3008

Looking for a jazzy, smart, modern-looking SUV? You want the Peugeot 3008. 

Not everyone’s a fan, this is a car with an acquired taste. But the French company has tried to give the market something different, and they’ve managed it. 

It’s bold, like an SUV should be, especially on the inside. You’d typically need to spend a lot more to get an interior that feels like the Peugeot 3008’s; it’s very well finished and comes with a plethora of soft-touch materials. 

That being said, the steering wheel is a little smaller than you might expect, which can be a little offputting for your first few drives.  

There’s lots of head and legroom, and you’ll comfortably seat five adults or a full family. 

There’s also mountains of storage space. You’ll easily fit a buggy and several suitcases in the back, so this is a really good option if you’re a growing family. 

Suspension is comfortable, though the Peugeot isn’t an agile drive. That’s hardly ever the case with SUVs, though. 

Grip is good, and you’ll certainly feel safe and secure. The engine is smooth and quiet in all conditions, so you can enjoy this car wherever you are. 

As well, for added peace of mind, you get loads of safety equipment, such as automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning. There’s also enhanced adaptive cruise control, lane positioning assist and braking that detects not just other cars, but cyclists, too, meaning this feels like one of the safest cars out there to drive. 

Really then, the Peugeot 3008 is perfect if you’re looking for an SUV with character, style and space. 

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