Three best SUVs to lease under £500

SUVs are extremely popular these days. They’re big, bulky, trendy and versatile. A lot of the time, they come with a really good amount of headroom and legroom, and they’re fast becoming the perfect family car. 

Most people who buy or lease an SUV never go back to an ‘ordinary’ car, and we can see the appeal too! 

Once you get an SUV, you’ll find there isn’t anything else comparable, and you quickly get used to the extra visibility and interior space. 

And if you have a budget of £500 a month, you open up a world of top-class SUVs. So, let’s look at three of them. 

Honda CR-V

With a budget of £500 a month, you can afford a top-of-the-range Honda CR-V. We’re talking Ultimate Special Edition here. 

This hybrid version of the CR-V comes with an automatic transmission and has a top speed of 112mph. But that’s not really what it’s about. 

This is a large SUV, and Honda is taking their commitment to the environment seriously by removing the option for a diesel engine and offering it only as petrol and electric hybrid.

The CR-V isn’t a plug-in, though, so you can’t charge it up and then zip around town on all-electric power. But the combination of electricity and petrol is not only kinder to the environment, but will also help you save at every fuel stop. 

You’ll get sharp, instant reactions when you put your foot down, and it comes with a choice of two or four-wheel drive, depending on which you need or prefer. 

There’s one downside, however, and that’s the towing capacity. This is a big car, it looks like it might be able to tow a lot, but its maximum capacity is only 750kg. So, if you spend a lot of your summer caravanning, this may not be the model for you. 

If you can get over that, though, the CR-V is an exceptionally comfortable drive. It brushes off bumps and potholes with ease, and it’s a treat on long motorway journeys. 

On smaller roads, the car handles really well, which is surprising given its size. You’ll feel in complete control, whether you’re zipping around the city or tackling country turns and bends.

Inside, everything is well aligned and finishes well. in the interior. The screen is easy to read and the buttons are easy to reach and satisfying to touch. 

In terms of front view, this vehicle offers one of the most unrestricted views we’ve seen. There’s a whole lot of windows and a couple of massive mirrors to assist you. As well, bright LED headlights are standard across the entire range, giving you an extra few feet in the dark. 

We think you’ll agree that this is an attractive, well-thought-out car, with a lot of excellent qualities. And at under £500 a month, it’s also great value. 

Mercedes-Benz GLB

You might not believe it, but this is another opportunity to own an SUV that’s top of the range, this time from Mercedes Benz. For £500 or so a month, you’ll also get some pretty nifty extras on what is an already impressive car. 

Mercedes is one of the only premium badge car brands to offer a seven-seater SUV, meaning you can still enjoy the finer things in life and still have enough room for the whole family. 

Automatic gears are standard, and there’s also the option of four-wheel drive, depending on which specification you go for. 

The interior boasts an impressive range of space and height, so you’ll find yourself sitting comfortably, even if you’re particularly tall. 

You’re quite low in the car as the driver, which some might not like, but the overall visibility is still good. And for added ease, there’s also a rear-view camera as standard. 

Step inside, and as you’d probably expect, the Mercedes GLB is clean-cut and modern. There are some unfavourable and unsightly materials used, but they’re mostly hidden away, so everything looks plush and luxurious; the way a Mercedes should. 

It’s a boxy shape, so there’s plenty of room for passengers all around. Boot wise, there’s room for lots if you’re only using five seats, and a lot less if you’re using all seven, but that’s to be expected. 

Overall then, the GLB is an ideal family SUV. It looks very Mercedes-Benz, and it feels it too. It’s a proper premium car for a less than premium price tag. 

Hyundai Tucson

And finally, we introduce the Hyundai Tucson; where £500 a month will take you all the way up to the Premium and Ultimate specs. 

It has some hearty competition out there in the mid-price SUV market, but the Hyundai holds its own because it’s a lean and green environmental machine. 

Its engines include hybrid technology, and there’s a complete hybrid version that runs short distances on electricity alone. There’s no diesel option, as is becoming more popular, so if you’re looking for that kind of car, this isn’t the one for you. 

Suspension is steady, though some versions of this car are a little ‘rocky’ over rough terrain. Whether that bothers you or not depends on where you’re planning on driving it. 

On city streets, it’s a comfortable ride. The steering is easy to turn if sometimes a little eager. There’s a good amount of grip on the road, and you feel like you’re in complete control. 

This is a quiet car, wherever you drive it. The brakes might feel a little strange at first, but that’s because they’re part of the Tucson’s regenerative system. 

This means that the heat they create is fed back into the system to charge the car’s battery. 

There’s absolutely no issue with stopping, but you might feel stopping is a little sharp at first. Like any new car, though, you’ll settle in in no time. 

You’re not quite as high as you might want to be in this SUV, but the seats are comfortable and you’ll feel well supported as you drive, even if it is over long distances. 

Rear parking sensors and a rear parking camera are offered as standard frim Hyundai, making parking easier. And there’s a good limit of plastics in the interior, which is nice to see; giving it a real premium feel. 

The boot is also impressive – one of the biggest in the class. You can fit a lot in there, which means this car is perfect if you enjoy road-tripping and adventuring.

But despite its excellent engines, smart styling, high-quality finish and enormous boot, the part we love the most is the Tucson’s reclining back seats; giving your passengers the chance to stretch out in comfort and enjoy the ride. 

It really sums up the Hyundai; everything you could ever need, and more. 

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