How to free up or make more space for your holiday car trip

We have all been there. Driving down to the coast or to the mountains on holiday and you peer into the rear view mirror only to see a jumble of clothes, pillows, bedding, cardboard boxes, sporting goods, tent poles and, if you are lucky, your kids faces squished between duvets and towels. But it doesn’t have to be this way, Zero Deposit Car Leasing has some suggestions to make holiday car travel that much more relaxed and enjoyable.

The art of packing your car

Regardless of if you value packing a makeup bag over a fishing bag or a down feather pillow over a set of golf clubs, there are a few simple packing rules you can follow to free up some space in your car when you travel.

The first rule is to put the largest pieces first. Getting bigger suitcases in first will allow you to fit (ok… stuff) smaller items like shoes and towels in the spaces between the larger pieces later on.

One packing tip is to vacuum pack clothes that go into your suitcases. This will free up a lot of space in your suitcase and means you can often take one large suitcase for the whole family instead of two or three medium-sized ones.

Check what you have in your boot. Large Winter jackets, warm hats , scarves and gloves won’t be much use in high summer so ditch the polar gear if it’s the wrong season and, assuming you have no plans to wash your car while you are away on hols (as if!) then the car cleaning kit can stay at home as well.

Look to the roof

If you still don’t have enough room then don’t despair as there are excellent and safe roof-boxes available for pretty much any car. A roof box is a really practical way of getting more breathing space in your car and it’s particularly useful when going on a camping holiday or a beach holiday trip as you can separate camping gear or boogie boards, snorkel and goggles and get them into the box on the roof. The roof box is also a perfect place to put a muddy tent on the way back from your hols.

You can get a roof box from any reputable car accessory retailer but, if you want choice, be sure to get one well before the summer holidays start as there is generally a rush around July and August to secure one.

Look to the rear

If you have a tow bar then you can buy a tow bar storage box which has a mount that fits onto the tow bar and allows you to store kit in the attached box. It’s a really good option for those who want to take bikes on holiday as well as you can buy a tow bar box that will also take bikes on the back.

Tow bar storage boxes can swallow a surprising amount of holiday paraphernalia, up to around 300 litres of space but tend to be more modest when it comes to weight storage so reserve this space for bulkier, lighter goods that you want to transport.

Lease a larger vehicle

You could, of course, hire or short-term lease a larger vehicle for the holidays or you could consider leasing a larger SUV or car for a number of years where you would have the advantage of hassle-free car journeys when the kids have a party and you are the designated driver or when you next go on a family holiday and need more storage space.

Zero Deposit Car Leasing has a huge selection of vehicles in all shapes sizes, and all available to lease with no deposit. We have thousands of new car lease deals and we have over 800 cars in stock with more on the way to us. We deliver nationwide and also offer no deposit leasing so contact us today on 01282 506 000 u00a0for prompt, helpful and straight forward service and leave your holiday packing troubles behind you once and for all!