Top tips on how to save fuel

Lost in the sea of reports on diesel emissions and the arrival of cleaner electric engines, you may have missed new research from RAC showing that petrol prices in the last few months have risen faster than they have in the last 18 years. But panic not, they’re still not as high as the peak of 141.9 pence per litre we had back in April 2012.

As many of you take on long Summer trips, it’s a good time to remember the easy things we can do to reduce our fuel consumption. Here are steps to ensure an improved MPG.

Maintain a steady speed

Sudden fluctuations in speed have a negative impact on your car’s momentum. Take in the road ahead and avoid harsh acceleration and sharp braking.

Slowest speed, highest gear

Driving at as low a speed as possible while in the highest gear you can means your engine won’t have to work as hard.

Lighten your load

Lose as much weight as possible from your car. Dump unnecessary items from the boot as any additional weight affects fuel economy. On average, every 50kg will increase your fuel consumption by 2%.

Be a smooth operator, don’t get dragged down

Make the car as aerodynamic as possible. Get rid of the roof rack if you are not using it because they create wind resistance, causing your car to use more fuel due through a ‘drag’ effect. An empty roof rack can affect fuel consumption by a massive 10%. Shut the windows and sunroof as these will have the same effect.

Plan your trips

When you drive a car that has been parked for a few hours, the engine is cold and uses much more fuel for the first few miles you drive. Consider making one round trip rather than several short trips.

Turn Off Air Conditioning

During the warmer, summer months, turning on your car’s AC can make the drive more pleasurable, but it is well accepted that cooling the car down uses extra fuel – so if you’re eager to get all the miles you can from your tank, roll down the window instead.

An economical car

Fuel economy is a strong factor to consider for many car buyers during their new car selection process. A strong economy saves you money every time you make a journey. So being able to pinpoint the most economical car on sale is very important.

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