International Dog Day: 5 best cars for dogs and their humans

International Dog Day: 5 Best Cars for Dogs and Their Humans

There’s a whole day dedicated to man’s best friend. And we are here for it! Whether you have a cute little pooch or a 100-pound furry friend, the backseat of the car is not only reserved for the humans of the family. When in the market for a new vehicle, more and more drivers are prioritising the needs of their pets during their search for a fresh new set of wheels. So, what are the best cars for dogs?

Choosing the perfect canine carrier requires careful consideration. You may want to weigh up interior space, crash ratings, ride height, material used for the interiors, and even window positions. Get started on your search today with our huge range of in-stock vehicles available with zero deposit!

In celebration of dogs everywhere, here are five brilliant pet-friendly cars – that are great for our four-legged companions, and their humans too.

Land Rover Discovery

  • Why you’ll love it: Good controls and off-road capabilities
  • Why your furry friend will love it: All the room in the world
  • Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 5 Stars
One of the best cars for dogs, the Land Rover Discovery is perfect

Loved by humans and dogs alike, the Land Rover Discovery has all the features that dog owners can really utilise to full effect. A split tailgate and spacious rear cargo hold are complemented with an electronically-folding, super sturdy ledge. The mammoth 2340-litre load capacity, and a further 1274 litres behind the second row means that all your human companions, and your luggage, can sit comfortably with your furry bff.

Off-roading is extra enjoyable, and optional air suspension allows dogs to step off gracefully with the rear hatch lowered. Additionally, Intelligent Seat Fold technology lets you reconfigure both second and third-row seats by toggling switches in the rear cargo hold, from within the centre touchscreen, or remotely via a smartphone app.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate

  • Why you’ll love it: All the space
  • Why your furry friend will love it: Ease of getting in and out
  • Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 5 Stars
A classy car for all the premium pooches out there

If you’re looking for a car that is as premium as your pooch, this is the Japanese Akita of the vehicles on this list. The E-Class estate lets you choose from a range of beautiful interior materials as well as performance-enhancing powertrains. Ideal for long-distance driving, road trips with your pets are made more comfortable. While the car’s 640-litre boot and flat loading bay will make it super easy for your furry pals to get in and out. If you opt for an air suspension model, the rear can be lowered even further – win!

Skoda Octavia Estate

  • Why you’ll love it: Great tech and lots of space
  • Why your furry friend will love it: Special accessories made just for them
  • Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 5 Stars
Skoda Octavia Estate

Made with both pampered pets and fussy humans in mind, the Skoda Octavia Estate is a perfectly pleasant vehicle to be in. Think tons of rear legroom, USB sockets for charging and entertainment, and a 590-litre boot for carrying the biggest kennel and the largest suitcase side by side. But, best of all, Skoda has special accessories including seatbelts for dogs and a hammock-style rear seat cover. Add intuitive smartphone-compatible touchscreens and a wide range of engines (from 113bhp 1.0 TSI to 242bhp vRS iv) and you’ve got yourself a car that is sensible, fun, and ideal for both people and pets.

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  • Honda CR-V

    • Why you’ll love it: Range of configuration options
    • Why your furry friend will love it: Big windows for cinematic views
    • Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 5 Stars
    Space and features make this a perfect car for dogs and humans

    If you like big mutts and you cannot lie – no dog owner can deny that this large off-road car ticks all the boxes. It has a lower loading height than many pickup trucks, making life so much easier for doggies. With huge windows, your furry passengers will have the best time peeking at scenery going by or looking for other fun friends on the road.

    For human companions, the rear bench legroom has been enhanced 2.1 inches. This means plenty of comfort even with a large dog kennel riding along. One of the best features – huge storage pockets for toys and treats, plus height adjustable rear stow space which can be lowered for all the wiggle room your tail-wagging chums will need to get on and off.

    Jeep Renegade

    • Why you’ll love it: Nifty design features and agile driving
    • Why your furry friend will love it: Jump around to their heart’s content without causing damage
    • Euro NCAP Safety Rating: 3 Stars
    Jeep Renegade is a great choice for dogs and owners

    If you love dogs, you’ll love the neat and efficient Jeep Renegade. Don’t let its small frame deceive you; this cheeky CUV has ample cabin space and boot capacity. To top that off, the optional MySky removable roof is a major selling point for anyone who doesn’t want their doggos hanging their heads out of the side windows. You can get Renegade specific slush mats and even a rubber cargo tray to help keep your interiors pristine when you’re driving around a hyped and happy pooch. On the list of the best cars for dogs, the Renegade also picks up points for its camping, road trip, and adventure benefits. It’s a fantastic choice for pets and their owners.