Leasing on a small budget

If you’re trying to save money or are working with a stricter budget, you could save a decent amount of money by considering private car leasing . This is much cheaper than buying a car outright, and you won’t have the worry of trying to get a huge bank loan to cover the cost outright. It also means you can easily manage the simple monthly payments.

Leasing also means you won’t have to worry about depreciation, which is where your car starts to lose value the moment you drive away in it. With leasing you can hand your car back at the end of the lease, and get into another new or well-maintained vehicle straight away. It also means that you can drive a car you might not have been able to afford initially.

There are lease cars to fit every budget, whether you’re looking for the cheapest cars available, or want to get something more luxurious, there is something to suit everyone. We’ve had a look at five of the cheapest lease cars available. These cars also have the added benefit of having very low (and sometimes free) road tax depending on which engine you go for. The economical engines will also be cheaper to run as they return more miles per gallon.

Fiat Punto

The Punto is a spacious and stylish supermini, with a very sleek and modern interior. There are three trim levels to choose from (Pop, Easy and Lounge). There is an impressive range of engines too, especially the 1.4 litre Multiairs and the Twinairs. Average 49mpg.

Peugeot 107

The 107 is a very cheap car to run, and is a flexible drive. If you’re concerned with safety, the 107 has more safety kit than a lot of the other cars in its class. It makes for a great city car, but can still handle itself on longer motorway journeys. Average 61mpg.

Ford KA

The KA is tonnes of fun to drive, and has a very cute and funky style. Considering the small size of the car it’s actually surprisingly practical too. Although the mpg isn’t as great as some of the other cars in its class, it still makes for a brilliant city car. Average 42mpg.

Volkswagen Up!

The Up is a fantastic car, which is incredibly spacious, cheap to run and fun to drive. It has a very modern and fun vibe too. WhatCar describes it as being ‘one of the best city cars around’ and we couldn’t agree more. Average 63mpg.

Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is a great choice if you’re looking for value for money. An easy and fun drive, it’s also quite spacious and comfortable, so there’s enough room to sit four adults in with ease. A practical car which performs well in the city. Average 56.5mp.