National best-selling cars of all time

Our cars are undoubtedly one of the most important features in our life, which aims to make completing daily tasks much easier. With cars being such an essential since 1885, we wonder why certain cars are only popular in specific countries.

In the infographic below by Zero Deposit Leasing, you’ll see which car manufacturers and which models have claimed the ‘best-seller’ title, including the Renault Clio in France and the Volkswagen Golf in Brazil. Each car features the make and model, the year of the cars popularity and how many cars have been sold in that country.

The popularity of a car does vary from country to country, depending on a range of different factors – including the origin of the car, the desirability of the car and what it has to offer. If you spot a car you like on the infographic below, check out the best car lease deals available for models including the SEAT Ibiza, Volkswagen Golf and even the Toyota Corolla. There are a range of personal car leasing and business car leasing deals available for you to find your perfect match.