Summer holiday destinations and the cars that define them

There are countries around the world that build the most famous cars ever known. You visit these countries every year on holiday, but do you know the history these places have with their most famous cars?

Cars can capture the essence of a nation and export it around the world. You would think that cars are just machines and that they all do the same thing. In basic terms, they do, however, you can look at cars from every nation and see tonnes of differences in them. These differences are the cultural personalities of those nations.

Great Britain

Britain is a fine example. This is the land of the supposed stiff upper lip, tea and classic elegance. Does this show in the cars that represent it?

Take a look at Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. These are world famous brands that define classic elegance with an amazing focus on detail on the interior and sophisticated power from the engine.

Rolls Royce is the luxury saloon (a basic description that does not do the brand justice) that is the rolling embodiment of Britain. The custom hand built cars focus on delivering an interior where every small detail is spot on. The quality engineering Britain is famous for around the world is show brilliantly in any Rolls Royce model (as you might expect from a company that also builds jet engines).

Bentley is another cornerstone in the British luxury car market. Like its closest rival, the Rolls Royce, no one delivers pure unadulterated opulence quite like the British. All Bentley models offer exquisite handling, refined speed and stunning good looks to make this British brand one of the best in the world.

Although there is one brand that is undeniably British, in some ways thanks to its role in the most British film franchise in the world. Aston Martin was representative of Britain long before James Bond came about. Thanks to that franchise (that in its own way defined the British identity globally) Aston Martin are the quintessential representatives of Britain. This is helped by the ferocious power and outstanding beauty offered by the motoring brand.


Italy is gorgeous in the summer with the tropical sun and luscious countryside, it is a place you must visit multiple times. Italians also have a boisterous, fashionable personality with a love of food and bountiful amounts of passion.

Does this translate into their cars? Oh, hell yes it does.

Ferrari is the preeminent Italian brand when it comes to cars. This is a brand that combines glorious passion with mathematical precision to deliver cars that looked as if they were styled by Da Vinci himself, delivering absurdly high performances. There is hardly a car brand on the planet that can touch a Ferrari. It has a place in motoring history that can rarely be challenged.

The other serious Italian car brand is the beautifully bonkers Lamborghini. This is the brand that focuses solely on 100% passion. The way they look praises to the outrageous style of the Mediterranean country that has long been a major player in world history. They are loud, amazing performers with a rush of wild ambition.


Germany is a wonderful country filled with some of the best roads in the world. The Autobahns are a masterpiece in engineering and that fact that there is no speed limit in non-urban areas on them is just another reason to visit.

The Germans are known for being a hard-working, efficient nation who focus always on building the best most durable cars possible.

Audi has the reputation of building cars that deliver effortless efficiency in a well-built, stylish package that has made it one of the most popular premium brands on the market. They also are not afraid of stepping out of their standard niche to explore other models such as SUVs or supercars like the Audi R8, which is one of the most successful supercars currently in production. All of the vehicles built by Audi deliver what is promised.


Spain is a country where you get plenty for an affordable price. The Spanish understand that something some is greater than the value of the money offered for it and that is how you please the people. This is what SEAT delivers.

SEAT has created a brand by building cars based off the Volkswagen platforms that guarantee quality but offer them at a more affordable price. This means that the average person can afford a quality, well-built cars with plenty of personalities for a price that isn’t going to bankrupt them on a monthly basis.

It also focuses on what most people will purchase rather than what the market may demand of them. Instead of building crossovers because they are now popular, SEAT focuses on delivering fundamentally good hatchbacks in the forms of the Ibiza, Leon and Leon Cupra, each of which can be turned into estates if the customer is looking for more space.


America doesn’t have a brand to represent it, but a car. A car that has more than 50 years of history behind it and is known as the most famous American muscle car on the market. The Ford Mustang.

Ford does build excellent cars, but nothing has quite made the same impression as the Ford Mustang. It represents the affordable and free nature of the American spirit. Mustangs in America are cheaper than they are in the UK, meaning more people can afford them.

The idea of the Mustang is that a normal American, who doesn’t have huge amounts of wealth can get a car that delivers similar performances to those hundred thousand dollar supercars – think champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. They can have a car with huge amounts of character that provides plenty of noise and performance like the American stereotype itself.

The Ford Mustang is so great it eclipses most other brands just by its name… sound like a certain country?

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