Top 5 Cabriolets to lease


First on our list is the BMW Z4 Roadster, which is designed with a sophisticated image and a dash of class. This 2 seater offers an amazing amount of comfort for the passenger and driver, along with lots of space, which is impressive for such a little car. The interior showcases luxurious leather seating and a decent amount of entertainment which looks great. On top of this, the Z4 has a fancy exterior and top speed of 146mph, making it a very popular choice for many cabriolet fans.


When it comes to the Mercedes-Benz SLK, the most popular feature is the amazing folding roof, which will definitely turn some heads. As well as this, it can reach 62mph in just 6.7 seconds, and has a strong masculine style. The SLK offers a high-class exterior, which is super attractive and perfect for cruising with the top down and showing off. The interior is just as classy, with fancy leather seats and dashboard, making the SLK one of the best-looking cabriolets around.


Featuring a sportier look, the Audi TT is perfect for those who desire a fun and exciting drive with additional style and quality. This car is an extremely popular choice because of its incredible interior design, which features a beautifully finished dashboard, along with an impressive exterior that still manages to be practical for everyday driving. When it comes to the drive itself, the TT offers a smooth ride, with good handling and light controls, making the TT model a strong performer in the cabriolet range.


Jaguar are known for making a posh and sophisticated range of models, and they definitely haven’t let us down with the F-Type Cabriolet. The F-Type has been described as being a ‘top line sports car’ by Top Gear; maybe because of its gorgeous looks, driver-focused interior and highly practical design. As well as looking great, the Jaguar F-Type is brilliant to drive, with enhanced handling, parking sensors and many more great features.


The Porsche Boxster has been labelled as being one of the best cabriolets to drive out of the bunch. Its practicality is top of the range, with a quality dashboard that is easy to navigate, along with looking great. The interior is spacious and can comfortably fit the driver and passenger, with a good amount of head and leg room. Usually with fancy convertibles, the cost to run is enough to break the bank, but with the Boxster this isn’t an issue, as it’s pretty cheap to run and great value for money.