Top 5 green cars to lease

With the whole world ‘going green’ and becoming more eco-conscious, it makes sense that our cars should be green too. We’ve had a look at some of the best cars, with the lowest fuel emissions and great fuel economy; all of which make for great used car leasing choices.

So if you’re thinking of getting a green car and are struggling for choices, check out the cars below and see which one takes your fancy.

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

The Golf is one of Volkswagen’s most economical family hatchbacks yet. It gives drivers some really great handling, with a smooth diesel engine and six-speed gearbox. While the design of the Golf may be plain, you can’t deny that it has been built with high quality in mind. They’ve improved on the previous generation’s 5-speed gearbox, and it now has some real power behind it, especially during acceleration and overtaking. The handling is superb, especially in corners, where it has a pretty decent grip. The CO2 emissions are some of the best among hatchbacks, at only 85g/km, and fuel economy is a very decent 88.3mpg.

Volkswagen Golf Image taken from Motoring

Seat Leon Ecomotive

The efficient Leon would make for a great company or family car, as the cabin is incredibly spacious, the engine strong, and the handling remarkably good. The steering is also nicely weighted, and the Leon can reach 60mph in just under 10 seconds. The Leon is also one of the best-looking hatchbacks on offer, and is guaranteed to turn heads. The interior has been though out just as well, and is highly practical. The dashboard is a breeze to use, and very stylish. Low emissions of 87g/km means a free tax disk, and the fuel economy is an impressive 85.6mpg. It’s also a relatively cheap car lease option.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

As more people choose to go green, electric and hybrid cars are becoming ever more popular. The Outlander is a plug-in hybrid, and a great choice for a green car. This SUV styled car is refreshingly designed with a futuristic vibe. The interior is spacious and practical, and the driving experience isn’t at all affected by the petrol/electric mix. Autocar describes the Outlander as being a ‘genuinely convincing and well executed petrol-electric alternative’. The Outlander is also incredibly fuel efficient and green. It has impressive CO2 emissions of 44g/km, can drive in pure electric mode for almost 30 minutes, and has a range of 400 miles when driving in all-petrol mode.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

The Fiesta is an excellent car which offers drivers a really crisp and precise drive, due to its accurate steering and taut body control. The Fiesta is also incredibly economic with 85.6mpg, and CO2 emissions at 87g/km. The cabin, although not especially large, will still seat 4 adults comfortably. The boot is also a decent size, and you can fold the rear seats down for some extra space. Overall the Fiesta is a joy to drive, with the only bad point being that the engine can sometimes be a little noisy. However, if you go for the Fiesta, you’ll still be getting some incredible handling, fantastic fuel economy and an excellent cabin.

MINI Cooper D

The Cooper is a fantastic and stylish car which is great fun to drive. This zippy car can get from 0-62mph in 9.4 seconds and has a top speed of 126mph. A responsive engine and precise steering means that it handles superbly. The interior is just as good-looking as the outside, and the practical infotainment screen and controls are very useful. The Cooper may be pricier to buy than the others, but it makes up for it with sweet handling, a fun drive, and loads of optional extras. Low fuel consumption of 78.5mpg means that it’s exempt from road tax, although CO2 is a little higher than the Leon and Golf at 97g/km.

Mini Cooper Image taken from HonestJohn

top green cars to lease