What will cars be like in 100 years?

One hundred years ago, cars were incredibly basic compared to the cars of today. The same will be said in a century’s time. In the present day, we are making massive strides in car development with the likes of Google and Tesla testing self-driving and electric cars. The technology behind electric cars is developing quicker and eventually cheap electric models will become a dominant presence on our roads.  

In 100 years…

The skyscrapers will reach further into the clouds, the cities will stretch out across the land. We will be able to control the weather. Many of the jobs we have now will be automated and fresh new jobs will have appeared. You’re sat in your house, redesigning it with ease thanks to the smart walls that allow you to resize rooms instantly and 3D-print any item required. But what is sitting in your driveway?

Your car in the future will be fully-electric and the last combustible engine died out decades before. You will have the option to drive it, but you will prefer to be chauffeured around in your self-driving car. By removing the human aspect, accidents have dropped to a record low as the car’s computers predict and avoid any aspect that could result in a crash.

Traffic jams are so last century thanks to the car being able to predict traffic build up before they occur. This is down to software using archived data, GPS and roadside sensors to ensure our car knows where a problem is and to avoid it. You will enjoy those extra few minutes in bed and get home early.

Imagine the possibilities

The roads will repair themselves with self-healing concrete, so say goodbye to those pesky potholes and temporary traffic lights whilst slow repairs take place. Fuel stations have been replaced with electric charging points that charge your car from empty to full in ten minutes or less.

In a similar way to how music, films and news will instantly be downloaded into your mind, you will be able to tell your car where to go by thought. It is known as thought-wave processing (TWP) and works particular well with automated taxis. If you chose to walk or take public transport, you can slip into an automated taxi and instruct it where you want to go with your thoughts.

When it comes to car maintenance, you will have less to worry about. Cars will electronically recognise the issue with it and report it to your dealership or chosen garage. It will order the 3D-printing of the parts required to repair your car to be printed at your garage of choice, which will make the entire process more efficient. Cars themselves will be 3D-printed and assembles quickly ensuring easy turnout. You will be able to completely personalise the design on your car to suit you.

Just like today when we are seeing the development of the self-driving car, in a hundred year’s time we will witness the development and possible production of the hover car. It may be another decade before we see the first one on our roads. Truly amphibious and submersible cars are available but are in the price range that the Bugatti Chiron is in now.

Car and leasing in the future

Whilst this may all sound science fiction nonsense, just think back to the developments in the last hundred years. You can see how far we have come. Truth be told, just look at the last thirty years with the internet, GPS, hybrid cars, electric cars and more. In this future, you will be able to lease or finance a 3D-printed car that suits your needs perfectly. When you want to lease a used car, there will be opportunities to 3D-print parts and body modifications to personalise your used car. There will be endless possibilities for your car in the future.

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