TESLA: No Deposit Car Leasing

Tesla are a manufacturer known for cutting edge technology and trying to push the boundaries of what electric cars are capable of.We offer three different Teslas at the moment, all brimming with incredible technology, designed to make the driving experience more enjoyable while reducing the environmental impact that motoring has.The Model 3 Saloon is a fantastic saloon with a driving range according to Tesla of 348 miles. The Model S boasts a longer range and improved performance, giving it a range of 370 miles, a 0-60mph time of 2.4 seconds and bags of storage, making it a fantastic executive or everyday vehicle. The Model X has a top speed of 155MPH and a magnificent 417 BHP, delivering a premium combination of beauty and power.Technology is at the forefront of every aspect of each Tesla, from an interior dominated by a high-tech touch screen central panel, to the all-electric engine. The interior is also impeccably designed letting you travel in incredible luxury.At Zero Deposit Car Leasing, we’re proud to offer a number of Tesla cars, with no deposit necessary. Browse our collection and find the perfect electric car for you.